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What may or may not happen. It depends upon a doubtful event, such as a contingent debt, which is a debt depending upon some uncertain event. A contingent legacy is one which is not vested.


Those given where the issues upon counts to which no demurrer has been filed, are tried before demurrer to one or more counts in the same declaration has been decided.


A contingent estate depends for its effect upon an event which may or may not happen, such as an estate limited to a person not in esse or not yet born.


Estates. An estate in remainder which is limited to take effect, either to a dubious and uncertain person, or upon a dubious and uncertain event, by which no present or particular interest passes to the remainder-man, so that the particular estate may chance to be determined and the remainder never take effect.


Estates. A use limited in a deed or conveyance of land which may or may not happen to vest, according to the contingency expressed in the limitation of such use. A contingent use is such as by possibility may happen in possession, reversion or remainder.