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Against good morals.

All contracts contra bonos mores, are illegal. These are reducible to several classes, including:

1. Incentive To Crime. A claim cannot be sustained, therefore, on a bond for compounding a crime; as, for example, a prosecution for perjury or for procuring a pardon. A distinction has been made between a contract made as a reparation for an injury to the honor of a female, and one which is to be the reward of future illicit cohabitation; the former is good and valid, and the latter is illegal.

2. Indecent Or Mischievous Consideration. An obligation or engagement prejudicial to the feelings of a third party, offensive to decency or morality, or which has a tendency to mischievous or pernicious consequences, is void.

3. Gaming. The statutes against gaming render all contracts made for the purpose of illegal gaming void.