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The Internal Revenue Code section 6103(b)(2), defines return information as:

(A) a taxpayer's identity, the nature, source or amount of his income, payments, receipts, deductions, exemptions, credits, assets, liabilities, net worth, tax liability, tax withheld, deficiencies, overassessments, or tax payments, whether taxpayer's return was, is being, or will be examined, or subject to other investigation, or processing, or any other data, received by, recorded by, prepared by, furnished to, or collected by the Secretary with respect to a return or with respect to the determination of the existence, or possible existence, of liability (or the amount thereof) of any person under this title for any tax penalty, interest, fine forfeiture or other imposition or offense, . . .

Return information does not include data in a form which cannot be associated with, or otherwise identity, directly or indirectly, a particular taxpayer.