Some years ago the IWW modernized the west coast lumber industry in the United States and Canada. Our members established the eight-hour day by blowing their own whistle at the end of eight hours and quitting work then instead of carrying on for the additional two or four hours the bosses expected. Some crews were fired, but the next crew hired blew their own whistle too, until the eight-hour day became established practice. (Later a law was passed.) - IWW, "One Big Union"


The non-functional physical detail and design of a product or its packaging, which indicates or identifies the product's source and distinguishes it from the products of others.

Trade dress includes color schemes, textures, sizes, designs, shapes, and placements of words, graphics, and decorations on a product or its packaging.

A trade dress is non-functional if, taken as a whole, the collection of trade dress elements is not essential to the product's use or does not affect the cost or quality of the product even though certain particular elements of the trade dress may be functional.


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