v line The pretext for U.S. support for these [Colombian government] atrocities is the drug war, which became a national obsession when it was launched by George Bush in September 1989; re-launched, one should say, since this is a regular event. A month before, the largest shipment of arms ever authorized under the emergency provisions of the Foreign Assistance Act was sent to the Colombian army, setting the stage, William Hartung reports, "for sending more U.S. weaponry to Colombia than it had received in the entire decade of the 1980s," which was plenty. They were sent to the army -- helicopters, planes, and so on, useless for the drug war, as was pointed out at the time. About 90-95% of counter-narcotic operations are conducted by the National Police, but not with bombers and helicopters. These have other uses. Human rights groups soon reported bombings of villages, massacres, and other atrocities. - Noam Chomsky, Introduction to No Human Being Is Disposable by Juan Pablo OrdoƱez


Any word or words used by a person to identify such person's business/vocation or occupation. A trade name/commercial name symbolizes the reputation of a person's business/vocation or occupation as a whole. By comparison, a trademark/mark identifies a person's goods or services. 15 U.S.C.