Eventually, enough workers will have joined and become active for a general strike. The State is paralysed and can do nothing if it cannot trust the army to kill its own relatives. The general strike may be a general takeover by the people, or develop into one. - The Anarchist Media Group, "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anarchy (But Were Afraid To Ask)"


A document or sign of the existence of a fact.

Tokens are either public or general, or privy tokens. They are true or false. When a token is false and indicates a general intent to defraud, and it is used for that purpose, it will render the offender guilty of the crime of cheating but if it is a mere privy token, as counterfeiting a letter in another man's name, in order to cheat but. one individual, it would not be indictable. commercial law. In England, this name is given to pieces of metal, made in the shape of money, passing among private persons by consent at a certain value.



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