v line I'm glad you asked me that. This gives me the perfect opportunity to talk about the problems with this Congress... -- Vice President Dan Quayle responding to reporter's questions about his use of Air force 2 to go on golf trips at the cost of $26,000/hour


The list of members of a legislative body voting in the affirmative and negative of a proposition is so called.

The Constitution of the United States, Art. 1 directs that "the yeas and nays of the members of either house, on any question, shall, at the desire of one-fifth of those present, be entered on the journal."

The power of calling the yeas and nays is given by all the Constitutions of the several states, and it is not in general restricted to the request of one-fifth of the members present, but may be demanded by a less number and, in some, one member alone has the right to require the call of the yeas and nays.