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McVeigh's '92 Letter Discussing Self-Defense

Tim McVeigh
6289 Cambell Blvd.
Lockport, NY 14094

16 FEB 92

Mr. John LaFalce
111 W. Huron St.
Buffalo, NY 14202

Dear Mr. LaFalce,

Recently, I saw an article in the Buffalo News that detailed a man's arrest; one of the charges being "possession of a noxious substance" (CS gas). This struck my curiousity (sic), so I went to the New York State Penal Law. Sure enough, section 270 prohibits possession of any noxious substance, and included in section 265 is a ban on the use of "stun guns". Now I am a male, and fully capable of defending myself, but how about a female?

I strongly believe in a God-given right to self-defense. Should any other person or a governing body be able to tell a person that he/she cannot save their own life, because it would be a violation of the law? In this case, which is more important: faced with a rapist/murderer, would you pick a.)die, a law abiding citizen or b.) live, and go to jail?

It is a lie if we tell ourselves that the police can protect us everywhere, at all times. I am in shock that a law exists which denies a woman's right to self-defense. Firearms restrictions are bad enough, but now a woman can't even carry mace in her purse?!?!

/s/Tim McVeigh (716) 625-9368

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