.03 Two Government Officials Confess To Oklahoma Bombing 12 May 1995

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[Summary of Mark Boswell's radio talk show of 12 AM EDT on April 29]

Boswell interviewed 25 year CIA veteran James Black and assistant Ron Jackson regarding sworn affidavits now in their possession, sworn by two Justice Department officials which state that they were part of a "Committee of 10" who planned the Oklahoma bombing.

The Officials claim the bomb was supposed to be detonated at 6 AM (with no one around) as a scare tactic to procure sympathy, money and power for government agencies, but that something went wrong and it was detonated later during business hours. This could explain why McVeigh was reported being so lost while driving the bomb-truck to the scene that he had to stop and ask a policeman for directions.

The officials have retained a prominent East Coast attorney and they and their families are now in hiding. Their Affidavits have reportedly been delivered to a prominent government official who will be asked to launch a proper course of action. It was promised that if he does not soon, then the Affidavits will be faxed via the interviewee's fax network to an approximate 200 million recipients. Associated Press has been informed and is investigating (check for yourself by calling 405-525-2121).

Reach talk show host Mark Boswell through KHNC at 303-587-5171.

Please help prevent cover-up by calling FBI hotline from phone booth at 1-800-905-1514, and demand investigation!


On the previously mentioned talk show, it was also revealed that the day prior to the explosion, BATF Agents underwent explosives training in the basement of the Federal Building. After that training, a number of agents were told not to come to work at the office the next day, but to report elsewhere. When one asked "why", a confidant instructed that the building was "coming down." He and several of fellow ATF agents have retained the same attorney that the Justice officials have.


On the previously mentioned radio talk show, it was also revealed that a Secret Service agent overheard shrouded talk in the White House regarding the bombing on the day before it occurred, but did not understand the significance of what he had heard until the details of the blast and the President's propaganda speeches which followed started matching what he had previously heard. The Secret Service agent has reportedly retained the same attorney as the Justice officials and ATF agents have.


The government's records and evidence lockers related to Waco were evidently destroyed in the blast. Thus, when the Congressional investigations of Waco commence next month as they were previously scheduled to much of the original evidence will not now be available.


Many articles have appeared in the mainstream media regarding government projects dealing with weather manipulation and mind control through the use of Very Low Frequency (4.10Hz) energy pulses.

Now, persons nationwide report having heard an untraceable reverberating hum for a few minutes during the week of the bombing. If you did, ask around for others who might have also, and pass the word. If there is anything to this outrageous possibility, the good news is that once you become aware of these psychotronic activities, you can supposedly override the debilitating and fearful affects that such is supposed to produce, by consciously overriding the induced emotions by means of logic and common sense.


Summary of information from Washington Press Corps contact Sherman Skolnick of the Citizens Committee to Clean Up the Courts (who interviewed Grand Jury members). And the publication Conspiracy Nation, vol. 4, #66.

On April 17, Hillary Clinton was indicted on $50 million Bank Fraud (Whitewater) and Obstruction of Justice related to stealing Foster's files on the eve of his death. The indictments were due to be unsealed on the 19th. But were not due to fear of further chaos on the day of the bombing. On the 22nd, depositions of Bill and Hillary were taken,and on the 24th, Hillary was indicted on Perjury in relation thereto.

Fifteen other persons were also indicted, including the current Governor of Arkansas and former White House Chief of Staff/Counsel Thomas McLarty. Bill was not indicted.

(1) Social isolation of Target Group (TG).
(2) Public Vilification of TG.
(3) Outlawing Previously Legal Activities or Existence of TG.
(4) Arrest and Prosecution of TG's whose lifestyle or existence is now illegal.
(5) Execution, Imprisonment, or Forced "Re-education" of TG.

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