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Claim I: Crime, Violence and Drug Use Go Hand-in-Hand.

Claim II: We Have Made Significant Progress in Reducing Drug Use in this Country. Now Is Not the Time to Abandon Our Efforts.

Claim III: Legalization of Drugs Will Lead to Increased Use and Increased Addition Levels.

Claim IV: Any Revenues Generated by Taxing Legalized Drugs Would Quickly Evaporate in Light of the Increased Social Costs.

Claim V: There Are No Compelling Medical Reasons to Prescribe Marijuana or Heroin to Sick People.

Claim VI: Legalization and Decriminalization of Drugs Have Been a Dismal Failure in Other Nations.

Claim VII: Alcohol Has Caused Significant Health, Social and Crime Problems in this Country, and Legalized Drugs Would Only Make the Situation Worse.

Claim VIII: Drug Control Spending Is a Minor Portion of the U.S. Budget, and Compared to the Costs of Drug Abuse, Spending Is Minuscule.

Claim IX: Drug Prohibition Is Working.

Claim X: Drug Legalization Would Have an Adverse Effect on Low-Income Communities.

From the DEA

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