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February 2, 1996

CAMDEN POINT, Missouri (CNN) -- If you called the Camden Police Department for help last September through December, you may have gotten a busy signal. The small town's police chief has resigned amid charges that he made $20,000 worth of calls to a psychic hot line.

Chief Thomas J. Tobin, 35, is accused of making as many as 280 calls to the hotline, ranging from 4 to 40 minutes.

He was arrested by sheriff's deputies January 3 and charged with stealing by deceit which is a felony.

The town's mayor said that the calls began showing up on city hall phone bills.

According to prosecutors, Tobin claims that two of the calls were made on duty and about 10 of them were made "because he was having problems in his life," an affidavit stated.

Tobin's attorney said that authorities have the wrong man and Tobin could not be reached for comment.

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