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I'm going to be a vice president very much like George Bush was. He proved to be a very effective vice president, perhaps the most effective we've had in a couple of hundred years. -- Vice President Dan Quayle


(...and a must for every new lawyer, law student, and anyone considering a career in law.)

Law practice is very different from law school. Law practice is also different from most other types of jobs. Unfortunately, many new lawyers are woefully unprepared for life as a lawyer. The problems of the new lawyer are worsened by everyone's presumption of their intellect. Being smart only gets your foot in the door. It is your attitude and behavior that will keep you there.

The Young Lawyer's Jungle Book is a guidebook for the new lawyer. It is also much, much more. With twelve chapters, it is loaded with over a hundred sections, covering every imaginable topic that might arise in a young career (see the Table of Contents web page, at the next stop on the Guided Tour, for a detailed listing of these sections).

The Young Lawyer's Jungle Book is valuable not only because of its comprehensive discussion of the world facing the new lawyer, it is also valuable because of the author's keen sense of humor and style unusual to legal writing. The author combines his in-depth knowledge of the law, law practice, and office politics with a playful command of English. The result is an informative and humorous reference for the new lawyer.

The Young Lawyer's Jungle Book is useful as both a quick guide before you start working as a lawyer, and as a reference book as you progress to partnership.

With the help of this book, partnership will be a more likely reward for all of your hard work. Don't get tripped up by the hurdles that face all new lawyers. Take advantage of The Young Lawyer's Jungle Book.


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