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LLC Certificate of Formation


The undersigned person an Authorized Person of a limited liability
company to be formed pursuant to the [State] Limited Liability
Company Act adopts the following Certificate of Formation:

1. Name. The name of this limited liability company is [Name], a
Limited Liability Company.

2. Duration. The period of duration for this limited liability company
is [Duration] from the date of filing the Certificate of Formation
with the state, unless sooner dissolved by the members or as provided
by state law.

3. Registered Agent & Office. The name of the company's registered
agent is [Name] with an address in this state at [Address]

4. Purpose. The purpose for which this limited liability company is
organized is perform any lawful purpose except that of banking and

5. Management and Members. The business of the company shall be
conducted under the exclusive management of its members who shall vote
according to their proportionate interest in their company and shall
have exclusive authority to act for the company in all matters. This
limited liability company will always have at least two [2] members.
The names and addresses of the members of the Company are:

6. Organizers. The name and address of each organizer of this Limited
Liability Company is:

7. Miscellaneous.

Authorized Signer


Comes now, [Name], a forming member of this above named limited
liability company and states that (s)he is an "authorized person" so
that (s)he can sign the Certificate of Formation. Specifically I
affirm that I have the authority to sign the Certificate of Formation
to be filed with the State.

Dated this [day] day of [Month], [Year].



I,[Name of Registered Agent], accept appointment as registered agent,
and state that I am familiar with the duties of a registered agent.

Registered Agent


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