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Notice of Bulk Transfer

To: [creditor, address]

Notice is hereby given that:

1. [name of seller], Transferor, is about to make a bulk
transfer or sale of the property of [business name].

2. The transfer is being made to: [name and address of
Purchaser], Transferee.

3. The Transferor has not used any other business name except
the one listed above in the last three years.

4. All debts of the Transferor will be paid in full as they come
due. Creditors are to send all bills to:

5. The property to be transferred is located at:

6. The total debts of the transferor is estimated to be [$]

7. A list of the creditors and the schedule of the property to
be transferred may be inspected at [address].

8. The transfer is [or is not] being made to pay existing debts.

9. Creditors of the transferor must file their claims in writing
with the transferee at the [address] on or before [date].






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