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Offer to Participate in a Join Venture


To: [name of person to whom the offer is made]

We, the below signed individuals, are in the process of forming
a joint venture for the purposes of [describe purpose] and
hereby extend an offer to you to become a party to this joint
venture under the below conditions:

1. Each party shall be required to contribute the sum of
[$] as that party's share in the joint venture.

2. The required contribution must be made not later than [date].

3. You must notify our attorney of record of your acceptance of
this offer not later than [date].

4. The attorney of record for the joint venture is [name and

5. The joint venture shall be jointly managed by all parties.
Each party shall have the authority to obligate the joint
venture only on the approval of the remaining parties.

6. Nothing in this venture shall be deemed to constitute a

7. A party may withdraw from the joint venture only with the
approval of the majority of the parties involved. Any
withdrawing party forfeits any future profits of the venture.

8. In addition to you, the below listed persons have also been
invited to become a party in the venture:


[Names and signatures of parties forming venture]:

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