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Grant Deed

BE IT KNOWN, That [name of person making deed] Grantor, County
of [County], State of [State], hereby conveys, grants
and transfers to [person receiving the interest in the
property], of the County of [County], State of [State];
the following described real property located in County of
[County], State of [State], more particularity
described as: [enter legal description at this point].

together with all the tenements, hereditament, and appurtenances
thereto belonging and the reversions, remainders, rents, and
profits, if any, thereof.

The consideration for this transfer is the payment of [$]
and for other good and valuable consideration.

WITNESSED the hands of said Grantor(s) this [day] day of
[month], [year]

State of )

County of )

On this date, [list names of person(s) who signed above]
personally appeared before me and acknowledged that the above
signature(s) are valid and binding.

Notary Public

My Commission expires: