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Grant Deed with Reservation of Mineral Rights

BE IT KNOWN, That [name of person making deed] Grantor, County
of [County], State of [State], hereby conveys, grants,
and transfers, subject to the reservation stated below, to
[person receiving the interest in the property], of the County
of [County], State of [State]; the following described
real property located in [location] County of [County],
State of [State}, more particularity described as: [enter
legal description at this point].

together with all the tenements, hereditament, and appurtenances
thereto belonging and the reversions, remainders, rents, and
profits, if any, thereof.

Reserving and excepting therefrom, however, [%] percent of the
mineral rights in the property for the Grantor and Grantor's
heirs, executors, and assigns. This reservation includes by its
terms, oil, gas, and any other minerals on, in, and under the
property conveyed.

The consideration for this transfer is the payment of [$]
and for other good and valuable consideration.

WITNESSED the hands of said Grantor(s) this [day] day of [month], [year].

State of )

County of )

On this date, [list names of person(s) who signed above]
personally appeared before me and acknowledged that the above
signature(s) are valid and binding.

Notary Public

My Commission expires: