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Employee Inventions and Patents Agreement

This agreement between [company name], the Company and
[employee], the Employee, is entered into and effective on the
date noted below.

In consideration of the employment of the Employee and the
payment of wages, salary, and other benefits by Employer,
Employee agrees as follows:

1. will have access to confidential secrets and equipment of the

2. not to use the information or knowledge obtained for himself
or others.

3. not to take any such material or data from the Company
facilities except as required by his duties to the Company.

4. to return all materials, supplies, and equipment upon request
of the employer and on termination of the employment.

5. not to disclose or publish any trade secret or confidential
information of the Company's or of any other party to whom the
Company owes an obligation of confidence at any time during the
employment or after termination of employment.

6. to assign to the Company the employee's rights, title, and
interest in and to any inventions and improvements that are
related to the activities of the company, or that are suggested
by or the result of any tasks, duties, or work done for or on
behalf of the company or on company time. This assignment shall
be without benefit of additional compensation.

7. to promptly furnish Employer with a complete record of any
and all inventions and improvements that Employee developed,
conceived, made, or first disclosed during the period of this

8. to give Employer timely notice of any prior employment
agreements or patent rights that may conflict with the interests
of the Company.

9. to notify the Employer if the Employee accepts employment
with any business organization that is in competition with the
Company. Such notice shall be in writing and within 30 days of
such activity.

This agreement shall supersede the terms of any other agreement
or understanding between the Employee and Employer if the prior
agreement or understanding is in conflict with any terms of this