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Contract Provisions to Protect your Business

Employee agrees not to compete with employer for a period of two
years after termination of subject employment.

The employee shall not acquire or hold any interest as a
stockholder, partner, owner, director, agent or otherwise in any
business in competition with employer without the written
consent of the employer, and shall not engage in any business
competing with that of the employer.

Employee agrees to have no contact for business purposes with
customers of the employer for a period of one year after
termination of subject employment. This includes, but is not
limited to, contacting clients by telephone, mail, or in person
for any purposes that directly or indirectly affect the business
of the employer.

Employee agrees that the names and addresses of employer's
customers constitute trade secrets of the employer and that the
sale or unauthorized use or disclosure of any of the employer's
trade secrets obtained by employee during employment constitutes
unfair competition. Employee agrees not to participate in any
form of unfair competition against employer.

For a period of two years after termination of subject
employment, employee agrees not to directly or indirectly make
known to any person, business, or corporation, the names and
addresses of the customers of the employer or any other
information pertaining to the customers.

In the event of breach of this agreement, the employee will be
liable for damages as determined by a court of law.


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