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Employee Part-time or Temporary Employment Agreement

This employment agreement hereby entered into between [name of
employer], the Employer, and [name of employee], the Employee.

Employer and Employee agree as follows:

The Employer agrees to employ employee in a part-time/temporary
status, and the employee agrees to work for the Employer in the
following position [insert position title here] in a
part-time/temporary status. The employment will commence on

The duties and responsibilities of the Employee shall include:

[list primary duties and responsibilities here]

Both parties agree that the foregoing list of duties and
responsibilities are not exhaustive and may be changed,
modified, or increased at the discretion of the Employer.

The Employee's work schedule will vary according to the needs of
the Employer.

As a part-time/temporary Employee, the employee is not eligible
to participate in any fringe benefits or retirement programs.

The Employee understands that the part-time/temporary status
does not entitle Employee to any special consideration for
permanent or full-time employment.

The agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of [State]
By accepting employment, you agree not to disclose any
confidential information regarding this company, any persons
employed by this company, or our clients learned in the course
of your employment to anyone outside of this company during and
after your term of employment.

This employment is an at-will employment that may be terminated
without cause and without advance notice. Only the president of
the company has the authority to modify the terms of your

The Employee starting salary will be [$] per hour. Except for
increases in salary provided at the discretion of the Employer,
the terms of this agreement remain in effect until amended in
writing and signed by the Employer.

Dated this [Day] Day of [Month], [Year]

__________________________ __________________________
Employer Employee