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Employee Notice of Probation

Employee name:
Employee number:
Social Security number:
Date of Notice:

To: [employee]

On [date] you were warned regarding your [poor performance of
duty; absenteeism, tardiness, etc.].

The above mentioned misconduct constitutes adequate grounds to
terminate your employment with the company. We, however, want to
give you another opportunity to prove your value to our company,
and are therefore placing you on probation for a period of six
months commencing on the above date. In the event there is a
repeat incident or other problem, we shall have no choice but to
terminate your employment without further notice.

Hopefully, this probationary period will provide you with an
opportunity to prove to us that our confidence in you is

On receipt of this letter, please report to the personnel
department to clarify the conditions of your probation and to
assist you in any way possible toward improved performance.



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