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Notice of Dismissal for Work Rules Violation



The purpose of this letter is to notify you that your employment
with this company is hereby terminated. The termination is
effective on [date]. This termination of employment is necessary
due to your violation of company work rules on [date]. Your
violations were as follows:

[list the specific work rules violated]

Severance pay shall not be paid because your termination was for
[Cause]. Within 30 days of termination we will issue you a
statement of benefits. Insurance benefits will continue for the
time required by statutes or regulations. For a briefing on your
termination benefits please contact [name] in the personnel

Your final paycheck shall be for the period ending [date] and
[day] be obtained from the personnel office on your final day of

We sincerely regret this action and wish you the best of luck in
finding a new employment situation.



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