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Rental Rules and Regulations

To ensure a pleasant, safe and healthy environment for all occupants, compliance with the following Rules and Regulations is a condition of your [Apartment/House/Condo] rental:

  1. Be a good neighbor- no loud noises or running. Do not provide keys to non-tenants. Do not let anyone you do not know on the premises. Watch for suspicious persons on the premises or in the neighborhood and report them to the police. Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests and the adherence to these rules at all times. Intoxication, disorderly conduct, objectionable language, or other disturbance shall be cause for eviction.
  2. Treat your [Apartment/House/Condo], the building and the grounds with care. No trash or other material may be accumulated which will create a hazard or be in violation of any health, fire or safety ordinance or regulation. Your [Apartment/House/Condo] must be clean and sanitary and free from objectionable odors.
  3. Store personal items appropriately. Do not drape rugs, clothing or other items over your balcony or shake mops or rugs from balconies or windows. No bicycles, play equipment or other personal belongings may be placed in halls, stairways or about the premises except in storage areas.
  4. Use electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, kitchen and other facilities and appliances in a safe and reasonable manner. Do not disconnect the bathroom fans as they remove humidity which damages the
  5. bathroom. Do not disconnect the fire alarms. You are responsible for the condition of your [Apartment/House/Condo] and its fixtures.
  6. Essential repairs should be reported to the management immediately. Other repairs should be reported during reasonable daytime hours. The repair of clogged toilets, sinks, etc., should first be attempted by you. If unsuccessful, then call the management. The cost of damage repairs caused by negligent or improper usage will be paid by you.
  7. Unless provided in your Rent Agreement, no animals or pets of any kind are allowed in the [Apartment/House/Condo] or on the premises (this includes visiting pets). Clean up after your pets and keep them from disturbing your neighbors.
  8. Personal property insurance is your responsibility. Management and the owners are not responsible for lost or stolen property or injury.
  9. No hazardous, combustible, or chemical materials may be stored, used or disposed of in your [Apartment/House/Condo] or on the property.
  10. The [Apartment/House/Condo] is to be used only as a dwelling. No commercial or illegal activities are permitted on the premises. Car washing or repair are not permitted on the premises.
  11. For your safety and protection, you must notify management if no occupant will be in your [Apartment/House/Condo] for more than 5 days.






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