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Notice That Eviction Will Be Filed In Court

[Street Address] [City/State/Zip]

Date: ________________________

To: __________________________
[Street Address]

RE: Unit # _______

It has come to my attention that you have failed to comply with the terms of your agreement with us dated ___________________, 20_. I understand that you have been given a 3 day notice in accordance with state and local laws and have failed to move.

Therefore, I have instructed the [Apartment/House/Condo] manager not to accept any payment from you. All amounts you still owe will be offset against your security deposit or collected in a legal action.

If you have not moved out of your [Apartment/House/Condo] by __________________, 20_, I will file suit the next day. I will also obtain an injunction forcing your removal, with the aid of the police. The lawsuit will be for the amounts owed under the agreement, the costs of filing suit, attorney's fees and enforcement. I plan to zealously collect these amounts from you. When you are evicted, I also plan to inform credit reporting and other agencies of this action.

This position is not negotiable. Feel free to contact me at [Phone #] if you have any questions.

[Fict./dba/Owner Name]
[Rent Address]
[Phone #]

The undersigned received this notice on the ________ day of ____________, 20__ at __________am/pm.