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Here's a select group of files related to The Trial We Thought Would Never End, plus later material from the civil case - which were almost as bad. (At least we didn't have to watch it on TV.)

A message from our Head Librarian Ralf:

We had a lot more files here, but my idiot brother Randy was arranging things, and he looked at some autopsy photos (or maybe read some transcripts) and lost his lunch (and dinner, and...) all over the files -- and two Judges who were walking by. So, as soon as he raises bail there'll be more, and better, stuff here. Meanwhile, watch where you walk.

Another, more recent, message from Ralf:

We've cut way down on material from the Civil Trial due to my crappy staff's disqust with the whole O.J. scene... though I kicked their butts enough to get them to prepare a few useful civil case files. Anyhow...

My position on the whole matter -- and the only correct one, I assure you -- is:

Of course he killed them.   So What?   Who gives a flying frog? Hey, I'm not defending murder, but everyone loses their cool occasionally. Haven't you? It's only human.

Besides, we give all kinds of medals and glory to 'war heroes' for slaughtering every living thing they can find... men, women & children. Don't we? And the more they kill, the more medals and promotions they get. And it's a well known fact that the top killers get to do certain 'things' (You know... 'sleep' things... 's*x' things.) with the wife of whoever's President. I mean, talk about rewards!

But how many of them ever ran 230+ yards through the 'Steel Curtain' with Mean Joe Green trying to rip their legs off?? Or gave us an excuse to get drunk and yell on a Sunday afternoon? Or thrilled us with witty repartee with Howard Cossell? And I won't even mention the great movies. I mean, talk about screwed-up values... No wonder kids today are in the shape they're in!

As far as I'm concerned, O.J. should be allowed to butcher all the people he wants to -- within reason -- as a reward for all the joy he brought us.   Hell, he should get 5 or 6 freebies for those Hertz commercials alone. It's the only logical, moral and right thing to do. And if you don't agree you must be some kinda right-wing, socialist, nazi, commie moron!