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Like a pack of starving pythons chasing down a stampeding herd of panicked wolverines, our staff of 254 legal information experts at our breathtakingly adequate Isles of Langerhans Command Complex -- each at least a former member of the U.S. Supreme Court -- toiling under the inspired leadership of our Head Librarian Ralf, constantly lay in wait along cyberspace's Ho Chi Minh trails ready to ambush and hijack any passing top quality legal material that the Library's beloved patrons may desire, some of which we are pleased to present below.

Here we have lots of Right & Left-wing legal analysis and insanity, Drug issues, our own online law journal - the Eclectic 'Lectric Law Review - and heaven knows what else grabbed from hither & yon.

We may all be on our way to a society overrun by hordes of lawyers, hungry as locusts, and brigades of judges in numbers never before contemplated. - Warren Burger

The Eclectic 'Lectric Law Review
Our Very Own Online Law Journal with Interesting Stories, Articles and ?? about Everything & Nothing

Material on Varied Topics by the World's Leading Pinko Bleeding Heart Liberals


Thunder On The Right
We've Gathered some Material By & About the Right Wing -- from the Mildly Extreme to those Lovable Looneys Leaning so Far Right They'd Tip Over Without A Cane

Public Service Anti-drug Banner.htm

Here's Material from Both Trenches of the 'War On Drugs'. But Please Don't Ask us What Side We're On... At Least Till After we Bust Those Stoners over there... and We're Done Peaking from those Purple Microdots.


On 2/28/98 we received the following e-mail message about the above file:

Subject: stupid bullshit
    The busch paper on Beer Vs. Marijuana is the biggest crock of Shit ive [sic] ever read in my entire life!

To which we replied:

Dear Beloved Pissed-off Library Patron,
    Since the Library Staff either agrees with you or has no idea what you're talking about -- and is too stoned to figure it out right now -- we've coerced a reply from our Drug & Alcohol (and everything else) expert, boss, Head Librarian & rumored soon-to-be-appointed new Drug Czar, Ralf Rinkle.

Here's Ralf's Reasonable, Rational, Well-Informed Reply

Justice is being allowed to do whatever I like. Injustice is whatever prevents me doing it. - Samuel Butler