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Here's A Selection of Famous, Infamous, and Historically Significant Constitutional Court Decisions Mostly by the U.S. Supremes, generally in chronological order, the larger ones are available in both HTML & zipped (compressed) versions. We'll be adding more -- so check back.

"One puts on black robes to scare the hell out of white people, while the other puts on white robes to scare the hell out of blacks." -- Morris Udall, comparing the Supreme Court & KKK

  • MARBURY v. MADISON, 1803 Established the "Very Essence of Judicial Duty" is Deciding what Laws Conform to the Constitution -- ("Judicial Review"), 64k

  • GIBBONS v. OGDEN, 1821 the Constitution Defines Federal Power to Regulate Commerce & Such Powers Cannot Be Exercised by a State, 69k

  • THE APOLLON, EDON, CLAIM, 1824 Holding the Municipal Laws of One Nation Do Not Extend Beyond its Own Territory, Except Regarding Its Own Citizens, 29k

  • EX PARTE VIRGINIA, 1879 Decided 14th Amend Means No State officers or Agencies Can Deny Equal Protection to any Person In Its Jurisdiction, 77k

  • YICK WO v. HOPKINS, 1886 A "Neutral" Law Violates Equal Protection when In Practice it Operates to Discriminate Against Racial Minority, 40k

  • LOCHNER v. NEW YORK, 1905 On when a State's Police Powers Violates Personal Liberty to Contract Under the 14th Amendment, 64k

  • SHELLEY v. KRAEMER, 1948 Decided Discriminatory Private Agreements OK Under 14th Amend; but a Violation for State Courts to Enforce Them, 43k

  • ROTH v. UNITED STATES, 1957 Criminal Laws Against Mailing of "Obscene, Lewd,
    Lascivious, Filthy or Indecent" Material are Constitutional, 77k

  • KASTIGAR v. U.S., 1972 Grant of Use Immunity can Override a Witness' 5th Amendment Self-Incrimination Privilege Claim, 62K


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