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The 'Lectric Law Library offers two basic promo products for lawyers and the legal industry:


Sponsorship of a Library "Room" or "Topic Area" is fully individualized and can range from a simple unlinked banner -- though "Content Pages" (see the "Magnet" below) are highly recommended -- to just about anything that's technically possible.

Prices are based on the specific details of the sponsorship as well as on the page sponsored and we prefer a 6 mos. minimum term. The price range can run from nothing to $10K or more. The bottom line is that exact sponsorship prices/details are determined on a case-by-case basis.


If you're interested in a cost-effective way of boosting your website's traffic, or even if you don't have a site, we've a very reasonably priced product that's aimed at your potential clients... It's the "Magnet" and consists of one or more 1000-2000 word information articles or "Content Pages", targeted at your client's specific interests. It's placed in all appropriate Library areas, contains a link to your site - or to a "mini-site" we'll create & host - and more.

The cost for the Magnet's one year minimum term ranges from $0 to $2000 depending on the number of content pages and other factors.


Despite virtually no promotion the Library's one of the most popular commercial legal content sites with more than 1/2 million hits and 150,000 "page views" in April. A mid-August Alta Vista search showed more than 1,500 other sites linking to the Library. For some, like the Library of Congress, it's their only commercial legal link.


The vast majority of our visitors fall roughly equally into three demographic groups:


We're into being flexible regarding both price and form and we're even willing to provide a return on investment guarantee when appropriate. So check out our promo product info and contact us soon.






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