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The Gateway to info on Using the Library as part of your Marketing Program.

Here's more than you ever wanted to know about Why the Library's the Greatest Thing in Advertising Since Discovery of Writing, How to Contact Us and much more. However, to skip the hype [or read it later] and cut straight to the chase, here's the Specifics On Our Promotional Products


While access to all the Library's material is free, we're not tax supported and we're sure not independently wealthy. To keep the Library going requires revenue and our primary revenue source is from using the Library to promote the products and services of the "legal industry", a broad concept that includes:

    * Attorneys and Law Firms;
    * Legal Book, Magazine, Newspaper and Software Publishers;
    * Expert Witnesses, Consultants, Investigators, etc.;
    * Legal Support Services like Court Reporters, Temp Agencies, Paralegals, etc.;
    * Law Related Organizations & Associations;
    * Law Office Equipment/Product Suppliers;
    * Quasi-legal Professionals like CPAs, Resident Agents, Appraisers, Escrow Cos, etc.;
    * Law Schools and Other Training/Education Businesses;
    * Anyone Else that is part of, sells to, or services the "legal industry".

While we believe that legal information should be affordable and accessible to everyone, the bottom line reason that the Library and its resources exist is to help YOU better market your service or product! [And, as the greedy capitalist pigs we are, to hopefully make lots of money while helping you do the same.]



Sometimes it seems everyone and their brother is trying to sell you a website or space in their 'Mall'. Putting aside the usually wildly exaggerated net user numbers, what often isn't mentioned is that you can have the most beautiful, graphic packed and expensive law site advertising space on the net, but having anyone visit it more than once -- if they find it at all -- is another story. And even then the occasional visitors are liable to be just curious "surfers", not revenue sources. And as websites proliferate it'll only get worse.

The reality for many concerns is that having, maintaining and promoting a full-blown website can be extremely time-consuming, costly, and generally a royal pain-in-the-butt -- with little immediate return. Of course it's nice to be able to show your clients and associates how hip and modern you are -- what with your own store-front on the information super-highway -- and it can be a good way to keep the firm's computer nerds occupied and out of sight until the next time they can actually be useful.

We know we're coming across a little strong and overlooking the valid justifications for a website, but anyone considering establishing an internet presence should know there's a downside. In fact, a well done -- and just as important, well promoted -- website can be an important element of your overall promotional strategy, as can the other products offered by our on-line "competitors". However, we'll leave convincing you of that up to them. (We actually consider others offering on-line presence/promotion colleagues, not competitors -- we even refer clients to them regularly.)



If you explore the Library you'll notice that it won't win any graphic design prizes, in fact its plain -- if not downright homely. But most real people don't have high-speed network connections and don't like waiting 10 minutes to download stunning graphics.

It doesn't have 18,060,942 links to every existing law resource between here and Jupiter -- Ever notice how many commercial 'law sites', 'libraries' and 'malls' are mostly links to someplace else... which, in-turn, is another jumble of links... all eventually ending up at some taxpayer supported site? -- and no-one has accused the Library of being boring. Also, we've tried to make it easy to use and hard to get lost and confused, and most folks think we have. (Except for that Hoffa guy that Ralf found wandering around in... but that's another story )

Because of (or despite) these things, the Library is one of the top -- if not THE top -- commercial Internet sites for legal resources regularly accessed by real-life legal professionals, business folks, and up-scale laypeople. And these real-life people are the ones who can put money in your pocket.

Look at some Kudos we've received and check out our Usage Statistics. Then look at some Comments from Lawyers and from Normal People. And realize it's almost entirely from word of mouth -- The Library's promotional campaign hasn't even begun -- and, whether you're just getting your on-line feet wet or you're a seasoned net veteran, you'll start to see why you should be part of The Library.

While there's no way -- short of requiring visitors to register and then confirming the info -- to determine exactly who our visitors are, we've analyzed the Library's usage stats, comments and other data and came up with these approximate usage figures:



We spent years building the Library into a first rate site that both we, and our clients can be proud of. We're not into the vaporware promotion tactics so common in the computer field. In fact we view it as little more than consumer fraud. But, while the Library is nowhere near our planned vision, it's at least acceptable and (overlooking our head librarian Ralf's occasional outbursts) nothing to be ashamed of.

Finally, after long hours of research, planning, learning and experimentation we're confident the Library is not only ready to accept promotion clients, but able to provide them with great products and superlative results. The products include:

* Sponsorships of the Library's various Rooms and Topic Areas;
* Personalized concepts for your specific needs;
* Content (information) based material aimed at your specific audience. (As a content site we emphasize content-based promotion whenever possible.)

We're into being as flexible as the medium we operate in and offer (or will accept) promotional products that fit the needs of just about anyone in the "legal industry" -- whatever your budget, position or online experience.



We believe in offering a honest product for a fair price and expect the same of anyone who wants to use the Library for promotion. We've spent considerable time looking at what others are offering the legal industry and have set our prices considerably below almost everyone else's, especially comparing what we offer.

Most people we've spoken to think that our prices are too low, however, we tried to base our prices on a print media model -- a combination of usage and demographics -- factoring in that we're just starting our promotion products. However, you should be aware that we expect our prices to rise, probably at least parallel to usage increases -- and just word-of-mouth is increasing our usage more than 10% a month. So take this into consideration when making any decision.

Note: While we feel comfortable with our prices this doesn't mean that we think the higher prices at other sites are rip-offs. Given the Net's state of flux, lack of commercial precedents, and inherent anarchy, everyone is feeling their way and experimenting. Besides, in three months we may be charging twice as much as anyone else, and we don't want them saying we're rip-offs.


Here's a 1/96 e-mail we sent to an atty. who wrote us about being in the Library.

Hi Lenny,

"I list w/CourtTV on AOL for $?? or $?? per year, and that is for 4 million aolites. What am I missing?

Thanks. Lenny xxxxxx@aol.com"

--- 1st, what do you get at CourtTV? And how many aolites have seen your listing? I'm not putting it down... it may be a great deal but in the Library your $600 (ready to go to $800) gets you a 300 word directory type listing w/graphics and a link to your web site (we call it the "Magnet"}.

Also, aolites have access to us... we get many AOL visits - In fact it's the main source of our 'stupid question' mail - like: "HELP. I'm being evicted tomorrow. What can I do?" or "How come you don't have information about fighting a ticket I got for making a right turn on a red light in North Carolina?" [real examples]

But, the most important thing the Magnet gives you by far is an up to 2000 word, html formatted, informative 'article' that you supply targeted at your specific potential clients -- say "Facts About Colorado Criminal Drug Laws" or whatever...

We place it in all appropriate places in the Library for viewing by visitors... as well as include it in our "Eclectic "Lectric Law Review" that goes to 400,000+ people. Besides, your article is accessible to anyone looking for Colorado Criminal Drug Law (and subsets?) with a net search engine. You see, the Library's emphasis is on information...

As for online ad prices... the whole issue is the subject of a net-wide raging debate... all I can say is we're lower than the other law sites that do ads by any measurement I can think of. And $50-65 a month for what we provide can hardly be considered excessive... a little classified in a small-town 'pennysaver' costs more.

Also, I know of many lawyers with web sites (in some cases very nice ones) that freak when they find out how few visitors they get. A magnet can increase visitors for a minimum of both $ and effort. But if you get plenty of visitors and clients from your on-line efforts using the Library (or anything additional) would be a waste of $.

Anyhow, enough of this... Let me know what you think.




If we haven't scared you off, here's all the Specifics On Our Promotional Products







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