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The Gateway to info on Using the Library as part of your Marketing Program.

Details on our specific promotional products with a minimum of hype.



This is our "standard" promotion product, named for its ability to draw clients to you and what you offer.   Its heart is the "Content Page", a 1000-2000 word article, story, document, etc., with useful information aimed specifically at the interests and needs of the audience you're after. Placed in the Library, it becomes an extraordinarily effective promotional vehicle.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of what we know offers about the best "bang for the buck" of anything on or off the Net. And while its a great value for any legal related business, it's pure dynamite for lawyers, experts, consultants, publishers, CPAs and all others who's stock-in-trade is information. [We also have effective products for others like printers, office suppliers, etc. Just contact us.]

With The Magnet you get the following:

If You have an Existing WebSite:

If You don't have a Website you'll get a Mini-WebSite that includes:

The Cost for all this (1 yr. min. Term) is rather flexible and depends on factors like our mood and bank balance, how we feel about you & your product, how much your Content Pages' subject matter will benefit the Library and its visitors, etc., but rough maximum prices are:

Here's a sample Content Page with tips & specs.
Here's a sample Mini-WebSite & info.



If you're looking for a major online presence without major effort and expense, then Sponsoring one or more of the Library's Rooms or Topic Areas is just the ticket.

Sponsorship is about the closest you can get to having your own highly visible website -- without most of the disadvantages.   It's a very flexible vehicle that can be extensively individualized according to your specific needs and desires. We can even build a new room/topic area focused on your specialty with graphics, sound, movies, etc... [though the more technically advanced, the fewer the people who can/will access it.]

Sponsorship can be as simple as a prominent but unlinked graphic banner, but as a practical matter, at a minimum, most would include everything in The Magnet plus:

    * A prominent exclusive clickable graphic banner in the sponsored area;
    * At least ten Content Pages;
    * A greatly expanded Mini-WebSite.

The cost to be a Sponsor for our 6 month minimum term can be as low as $2000 -- going up depending on what you want, the sponsored area's popularity, etc. Contact us with your goals and ideas and we'll work out the details together.

With the possibilities so varied, rather than give examples of Sponsorships we suggest that you look around the Library and also check out other legal and other websites. This should give you plenty of ideas that we can discuss.




The Library's Bookstore has the largest collection of Law related software we know of on the Net and can be utilized to assist a legal software developer's product promotion in all sorts of ways.   If you're interested, contact us and we'll discuss the options.


As we said before: We're into being as flexible as the medium we operate in. The Net's evolving technology allows possibilities from the mundane to those limited only by our imaginations. An example for those selling say, information or software, is an online credit card order form a buyer completes and e-mails... you process the order and e-mail them the product or instructions on downloading it... and five minutes after discovering your product they could be using it. Or how about a regular column about your area of expertise? Or audio clips from that speech you made? Or a virtual reality tour of your offices? Or running your goldfish for President? Or???

So, if you have an idea or plan that you think can benefit both of us, let us know because we're interested -- no matter how idiotic... Opps, we meant "unconventional".   (After all, the worst that can happen is that we rat on you to our Net Cop buddies and you spend the rest of your life being tortured in their fetid subterranean dungeon.)

If you're interested in the Library's promotional products here's a text file with examples of some TERMS & CONDITIONS



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