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Some are shareware - see note in download area

The 'Lectric Law Library's policy regarding our legal related software and e-books has gone through a number of changes since we started in early '95. At first we had a limited number of programs available for free downloading and charged for disks with many more programs and files. Then we decided to stop the disk sales and made everything available at no charge, but requested a small voluntary contribution.

However the response was less than overwhelming so, for this and other reasons, we've instituted our current policy: Some downloads are still Free and some are available exclusively to Library GoldCard Members.

Note: To thank the folks who did send contributions, especially the law firm that sent $5000 - oops, we left out a decimal point - past contributors to the Library's Free Software Program get a free one year Gold Card membership.


Whether you become a GoldCard Member, download the free material, or just like the Library we'd appreciate it if you'd send your favorite publication, search-engine, site reviewer, on-line service, etc., an e-mail letting them know about the Library. Here's a helpful example:


To: publisher@new.york.times.com
From: ralf@rinkle.com

Dear Publisher,

I just heard about your newspaper the other day, looked at a copy, and want to wish you good luck.   As an experienced publisher myself, I thought I should pass on one or two tips I'm sure you'll find helpful.

First: What kinda stupid name is 'The New York Times'? Your paper doesn't even mention the time, and making it plural only adds salt to the injury! I'd suggest changing the name to something a bit more 'up-scale' like 'The Nu York Paper Full of Words, News and Pretty Colored Ads' or 'The Pig-Maple Printed News Thingie & Groovadelic Penny Saver'.  Like any normal American with half a brain, I'm sure you'll agree those are much better than the idiotic name you now have.

Second: If you ever want anyone to read your rag, achieve a modulum of success, and maybe even make a sheckel or two someday, I strongly urge you to take all that useless, boring crap like "NUCLEAR TERRORISTS DESTROY DENVER," "SUPREME COURT RULES ENTIRE CONSTITUTION UNCONSTITUTIONAL" and "PRESIDENT & VP CATCH COMAS - HILLARY & TIPPER TAKE OVER" off the front page and put some REAL news there.  Or better yet, drop it entirely because that kind of stuff only upsets people of every sex and gender, be they male, female, homoaphrodite, commie, hippie or whatever.

Third: I'd devote your entire paper to the 'LECTRIC LAW LIBRARY for at least a few months, since it's the most important thing to happen since Einstein developed gravity or my cousin Rufus invented air in 1982, [which your so-called 'reporters' apparently also overlooked].  Other than that and having way more words than any average eye can see - and not nearly enough pictures of pretty nakid people - your paper is very OK.

Finally, if you can't afford to pay for my advice it's fine to just put my name on the top of every page.

Yours Truly,
Ralf R. Rinkle

P.S. While at first glance our names may appear vaguely similar to illiterates, I've absolutely no connection whatsoever with the 'Lectric Law Library's Head Librarian and Legal Scholar -- the universally respected, admired, beloved, and greatly-feared lawyer, Ralf R. Rinkle, Esq. -- who's much more handsome and smarter than me... or probably anyone.  As a matter of fact, I never even heard of him until I wrote that last sentence.









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