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This area's devoted exclusively to the Murder Retrial of Brothers Lyle & Erik Menendez for the shotgun massacre of their parents and related issues. If you haven't heard, their first trials ended in hung juries despite their confessions to the killings. (Seems most of the female jurors -and a few males - took pity on the kids because they were poor orphans.)

As you can see, our selections are far from comprehensive. Fact is we got bored. We can put up some additional material if there's enough interest . Let us know. -- Staff




IMPORTANT!!We hired our Head Librarian Ralf's brother, Rudy, the world famous investigative reporter and a legend in his own mind, to go to L.A. to report on the trial exclusively for The Library. He left for the site August 1st and a month later we received his first report:

FLASH! This town is really screwed up.   All the buildings look the same... and there's so much damn sun that you can't see anything anyhow.   I finally found the damn courthouse by following a mob of other reporters.   I even attended the trial today with a pass I scammed from one of the Court TV geeks who actually believed me when I said I was Walter Cronkite. Heh, heh, heh.

What I saw only confirmed that this place is REALLY WEIRD!   First, I expected a Judge with a name like Henry Weisberg to be a jewish guy.   But Nooooo, not here in this hell hole!   He looks Cambodian or Chinese or something.   Guess he americanated his real name.   But that sexy fox, Leslie Abramson, was sure here.   Although she seemed a little confused since she was sitting at the prosecutor's table.

I've already learned a lot that I didn't know from the first trial's transcripts.   Eric wasn't here today, but Lyle was -- though he looked a lot bigger and older than I expected (guess jail ages a guy).   Also, I had no idea that he's black.

The big story I've got is, that after exhaustive comparative analysis, I discovered at least two things that were never revealed at the first trial.

First, it seems that besides allegedly shot-gunning the old folks into hamburger, the boys also knifed them to death. (I guess you can never be too sure.)

And second, the cops found a bloody dove behind their house!   Not exactly sure what the hell this has to do with anything, but the cops sure think it's important.   I suspect the prosecution will try to explain it away by saying the kids went bird hunting after they blew away mom and pop.

However, the more I think about it, the more obvious it is that the dove was the parent's devoted pet that, despite its fierce struggle to protect its owners, was killed by the same escaped tiger or giant mongoose that did in Ma and Pa.

I know for sure that some damn weird, cover-up conspiracy is going on from the whispers, diverted eyes and strange looks I get whenever I mention this matter, and I won't rest till I get to bottom of it.   I smell Tricky Dick Nixon's fingerprints all over it, so things could soon get a bit rough.

That's it for now... but rest assured I'm totally on top of things and on the track of a REALLY big scoop.   I'll get back to you soon.

Oh yeah.   After court I made a citizens arrest of some wino who was claiming to be Lyle's lawyer. Anyway, the moron cops here got confused and busted me instead of this 'Flea Baily' bum.

Note: We sent Rudy $500,000 for bail... And while we haven't heard back from him since, we're certain it's only because he's too busy chasing a really big scoop.... though we are starting to wonder.   If you happen to see him, could you please let us know. Thanks







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