v line The division of economy into production and consumption as two opposite poles means that we are far from the conditions in which work could be a way of life. A way of life requires merging the means in the end, and work would have to be thought of as a continuous process of satisfying activity -- satisfying in itself and satisfying in its useful end. - Paul Goodman and Percival Goodman, Communitas: Means of Livelihood and Ways of Life


Which he holds. There are two ways of stating the tenure in an action of waste. The averment is either in the tenet and the tenuit; it has a refer-ence to the time of the waste done, and not to the time of bringing the action.When the averment is in the tenet the plaintiff on obtaining a verdict, will recover the place wasted, namely, that part of the premises in which the waste was exclusively done, if it were done in a par only, together with treble damages. But when the averment is in the tenuit, the tenancy being at an end, he will have judgment for his damages only.

Which he held. When the tenancy is ended and the tenant is sued in an action of waste, the averment of tenure is in the tenuit.







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