v line The Governor then made a desperate lunge for the high ground with his preposterous claim that his opponent, and "the special interests," had "outspent" him. In fact, Bush raised, and spent, more money than any presidential candidate in US history (just as he had done both times he ran for Governor of Texas). In the last election season, Bush/Cheney raised $193,088,650, and spent a total of $132,900,252. For their part, Gore/Lieberman had raised $185,860,812, and spent $120,369,160. Although the Governor's almighty fund-raising apparatus was well-known to the telejournalists, his claim to have been "outspent" by Gore inspired no snide remarks from them about his tendency to gild the truth.


An account book in which are entered the acquittances, or warrants for the accountant's discharge. It also signifies any acquittance or receipt, which is evidence of payment, or of the debtor's being discharged.common recoveries. The voucher in common recoveries, is the person on whom the tenant to the praecipe calls to defend the title to the land, because he is supposed to have warranted the title to him at the time of the original purchase.

The person usually employed for this purpose is the cryer of the court, who is therefore called the common voucher.






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