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ABACTION stealing of cattle . From latin “abactus” = brought away.

ABDICATION to renounce at a throne . From latin “abdicere ” = to refuse.

ABDUCTION = unlawful restraint of person , unlawful carrying away of a person from his place of abode and against his will. From latin “abducere” = to take away with strenght / “ab” = from / “ducere” = to lead far .


ABIDE AND SATISFY TO AN ORDER observance and fulfilment of an order issued by a judge. From latin ” ab ” = by / ” idem ” = the same / ” satis” = sufficient / ” facere ” = to do. In figurative sense, a person does a sufficient performance , the same performance that has been ordered by a judge.

ABJURATION OF ALLEGIANCE renunciation to the binding relationship between a person and his State of origin , when there is the change of citizenship. From latin ” abdicare ” = to refuse / “iurare ” = to swear / ” illigatum ” = to be involved, to be bound. Therefore to refuse the swearing made with own’s State of origin that is figuratively binding a person with a State.

ABOLISH ( TO A. ) A RULE to suppress a rule, to abrogate a law. From latin ” abolescere ” = to vanish, to estinguish.

ABORTIVE TRIAL not ended judgement . From latin “ aboriri” = to dead.

ABROGATION abolition of a former enforced law or rule. From latin “ abrogare” = to anull , to void . From latin “ab” = by, “rogare” = to ask. Here meanings an proposal asked by a member of leglislative assembly. In the roman empire, the “rogator” was a senator having a duty to propose a new law.

ABSCONDER CRIMINAL fugitive offender , concealing oneself to avoid a process. From latin ” absconditum ” = to be hidden.

ABSENT PARTY lacking participation to process by a party. From latin absentia” = to be far from a place.

ABSOLUTE MEASURE irrevocable measure, indefeasible measure or mearsur without border or limit . From latin ” ab ” = from / ” solutus ” = untied, dissolved, free, without bond. Therefore, free from any limit. For example : in the State governed by an absolute monarchy, the king operates without limits imposed by the constitution . The peremptoriness of a duty is enforced when, for example, you read ” this task is concerning an absolute duty “.

ABSOLUTION acquittance, discharge. From latin “ ab ” = from / “ solutus” = untied, dissolved, free . Therefore, freedom from a former charge with a crime. For example : she was absolved from the charge crime.

ABSTRACT OF DOCUMENT brief of document, document’s docket, paperform’s extract . From latin ” ab ” = from / ” tractus ” = pulled . Therefore, pulled out from a document. (eg : abstract of record ).

ABSTRACTION OF MONEY stealing of money or money funds. From latin ab ” = from / latin “tractus ” = pulled . Here symbolizing an amount of money pulled out from a sum.

ABUSE abuse , misuse. From latin “ ab ” = from / “ usus ” = use . Therefore far from the proper use. In figurative sense is meaning an improperly use of a own faculty or right.

ABUSIVE WORD verbal or written injury against someone. From latin “ ab” = from / ” usus ” = use . In figurative sense is meaning a word far from proper use.

ACCEPTANCE allowance, permit to do something . From latin “ acceptare” = to receive, to bear, to allow).

ACCESSION way to purchase of property by means of originary title ( not by conveyance). From latin ” accedere ” = to go inside ( in a land or house).

ACCESSORY ( A. RIGHT / A. IN CRIME) activity of secondary importance in a crime committal , complicity . From latin ” accessus ” = adjunctive .

ACCIDENTAL occasional , casual . From latin “ accidere ” = arriving with surprise (eg: accidental injury or culpable offence).

ACCOMODATION transaction, agreement . From latin “ accomodatus ” = put in proper way , well settled.

ACCUSATION OF A CRIME charging somebody with a crime. From latin “ accusare ” = to blame.

ACQUITTANCE absolution, recepit stating the payment of debt. From latin acquiescere” = to rest , to find relief. Here used in the figurative sense to find relief from a former charge o for a payable debt , to be released of a burden, no more being under trial .

ACT fact, legal act,contract , legal measure . From latin “ actus ” = act , action , conduct.

ACTION deed , proceeding , lawsuit . From latin “ actio ” = operation , way to act.

ACTUALIZATION ( A. OF A CRIME , OF AN ACCIDENT ) visual reconstruction of a scene . From latin ” actus ” = scene representation in a theatre / from old italian ” realizzare ” = to make as true, to reproduce as real.

ADJUDICATION judiciary decision , sentence issued by judge , judgement . From latin “ad ” = according to / ” judicatum ” = verdict issued . Therefore, the adjudication is the statement according the issued verdict.

ADMINISTRATION executive power, management . From latin ” ad ” = by minister ” = executor, assistant.

ADMISSION ackowledgment , entry , admittance . From latin “ ad ” = by / mittere ” = to let go, to allow, to have tolerance. In figurative sense, means to allow a request claimed by someone.

ADMONITION reprimand. From latin “ admonitus ” = warned , adviced (“monere ” = to warn )

ADOPTION to recognize a child of another parents as own child. From latin ad ” = by / “optare” = to choose. In fact , in the roman empire , the parents willing to adopt a child, had to choose one among a lot of children.

ADULTERATION falsification of document or other thinks . There are two different hypotesis . First , from latin ” adulteratio ” = falsification. Second, from latin ” ad ” = from / ” ulterior” = far from the base, far from a genuine thing. In fact also the term “adult” is meaning a mature man, a man with malice , therefore far from the genuinity of adolescence .

ADVERSARY TRIAL SYSTEM accusatorial trial system . From latin “ adversus ” = against. Think that in the adversary hearing the prosecutor is stating the articles of accusation against the defendant.

ADVISORY BODY consulting board . From latin “ ad ” = towards / “ visus” = face. Here used in the sense of to bring a notice towards the face of somebody, to bring a notice to someone for the acknowledgement.

ADVOCATION defence of a cause, legal assistance . From latin “ ad ” = toward, to, with the aim to / ” vocare ” = to call. Therefore , translated from figurative sense, the meaning is to call someone with the aim to get a legal assistance .

AFFILIATION judicial statement about the parental situation of a child . From latin ” filius ” = son.

AFFIRMANCE validation of a contract . From latin “ affirmatio ” = warranty, to be under guarantee , or from ” firmare ” = to keep a decision stopped.

AGGRAVATING CIRCUMSTANCES situation around the made crime, involving a penalty more heavy. From latin ” gravare ” = to load someone with a overweight / ” circum ” = surround , around something / ” stare ” = to stay, to be in a situation.

AGISTMENT grazing right over a land . From latin “ aggistus ” = a plot of land , a cadastral slice of land.

AGRARIAN CONTRACT contract involving a land exploitation. From latin ager ” = cropped farm, cropped land.

AGREEMENT contract, pact between two or more people. From latin “ aggregare ” = to join, to add something to another thing. In fact, an agreement is a joining among two or more wills.

ABETTOR maker a complicity in a crime, to be accessory in a crime. From old greek “beta ” = second letter of the greek alphabet. In fact, an abettor is rated in a secondary situation about the commitment of a crime .

ALIBI explanation given by an accused (usually charged with murder ) that is declaring also by means of proofs or witness that at the moment of crime perpetration he was not in the crime place. From latin ” aliunde ” = in an different , in another / ” ibi ” = in that place, in that moment . In fact , to have an alibi, means to be in another place when the crime has been made.

ALIENATION OF PROPERTY selling a property. From latin “ alienus ” = other, far from a place.

ALLEGE ( TO A.) to state under oath, to make an affirmation . From latin “ ad ” = by / “ligatum “= belt, something joined by someone to another thing. Therefore ” to allege ” means to state something, joining it to another matter.

ALIMONY amount of money providing a mainteinance to the divorced spouse. From latin “alius ” = other / ” munio ” = duty. In fact the alimony involves a duty to provide the maintenance of another person, in this case , of a divorced spouse or children.

ALLOCATION AGREEMENT sharing agreement, partition agreement. From latin ” ad “= to someone / ” locus ” = place. Here used in the figurative sense of ” give a place to each person involved in the agreement “.

ALLOCUTION the invite issued by judge , pushing the defendant to provide the ground of the defence, aimed to avoid the conviction. From latin ” locutio” = reasonable speech.

ALLUVION kind of property taking, by means of a lot of sand brought by a river over own’s land. From latin ” adluvio “= place full of water, waving.

ALTERATION (A . OF INSURANCE POLICY, OF DOCUMENT OR OTHER ) to transform a thing , to make a thing different than the same thing before. From latin ” alter ” = other, different, second.

ALTERNATIVE RELIEF different judical remedy. From latin “ alter ” = other, second , different / ” res ” = thing / ” levare ” = to do something more comfortable, to take off a think eccessive heavy. Here in the figurative sense means to give someone a remedy to get less heavy a former law problem.

AMENABLE TO SUIT ( PARTY A. ) party who is legally subject to respond to a summons or pleading. From latin ” ab ” = by / ” minae ” = menace, threaten / “habilis ” = to be able to. In figurative sense, a party able to be menacing by a legal action.

correction of a sentence , modification of a law or document. From latin “emendare ” = to modify, to correct . Also from ” ab ” = by / ” menda ” = defect. Therefore something coming from a former fault or defect.

AMPLIATION OF A CASE putting off about a decision , to get a more deep valuation . From latin ” ampliare ” = to increase a time period, to increase the researches about matter.

AMNESTY ( MEASURE OF A. ) measure issued by court and consisting in a judicial pardon granted to an offender or a category of offenders with the same crime charged. From old greek ” a ” = not / ” mnemo ” = to remember. In fact, issuing this measure, the State doesn’t remember that the crime has been made .

ANCILLARY MEASURE secondary measure. From latin “ ancillor ” = to be a servant. In old roman empire, the ” ancellae ” were ladies providing assistance to the queen or princess. In figurative sense , the queen is the ” main measure ” and the ” ancellae ” are the secondary measures issued for an assistance of the main measure.

ANULMENT ( A. OF ACTION, OF A CONTRACT ) abrogation, debarment . From latin ” nullum ” = nothing, a thing without worth.

ANTICIPATORY ( A. MEASURE, BREACH OF CONTRACT ) measure issued for a foreseen purpose. From latin ” ante ” = before, in advance / “capiere ” = to take, to get .

ANTINOMY contradiction between two rules . From old greek “ antes ” = adverse / “nomos” = law, rule .

APPLICATION request, claim , formal question to get a measure . From latin ” ad ” = toward / ” plicatus ” = pushed. In figurative sense, an application is a document pushed by the applicant toward the receiver.

APPREHENSION appropriation of estate, arrest of somebody . From latin “ prehendere” = to catch.

APPROPRIATE PROVISIONS legal measures properly issued to face a legal problem. From latin ” ad ” = according to / ” proprius ” = specific / ” pro ” = in favour of / “ visus ” = assistance given. In figurative sense, the judge gives assistance in favour of the claimant according to the specific matter.

ARBITRATION compromise, compromisory settlement . From latin “ arbitratus ” = discretional decision. Or also from “ ars ” = skill / “ bis ” = two / ” tra ” = from a place to another, between / ” actio ” = operation, action. In figurative sense, the arbitrators have the task or skill to operate a settlement between two litigants.

ARGUABLE MATTERS object of a litigation, matter under examination of the law court. From latin ” argumentum ” = theme , or also from ” argumentari ” = to exihibit as evidence / “ habilis ” = to be able to / “ materia ” = matter, touchable thing.

ARTICLES OF ACCUSATION set of charges against the accused . From latin “articulatum” = piece by piece.

ARTIFICIAL PERSON legal person, body corporate . From latin “ artificiosus ” = made by handicraft man, made by expert worker (not natural ). Or also from ” ars ” = capacity, skill / ” facere ” = to do.

ASCERTAINMENT OF DAMAGES check up of the losses . From latin “ certus ” = sure .

ASPERSION slandering , defamation, lies and untrue facts told about somebody to a multitude of people. From latin ” aspergere ” = to spread, to spray . In figurative sense, a defamation is a ” to spray ” of defamatory words towards a multitude of people.

ASSASSINATION murder of a politician. From old egyptian language “ quassassin “, a name of a sect, a group of fanatics that was in habit to take drugs, with the aim to be excited to commit murders.

ASSERTION OF A RIGHT exercise or claim of a right. From latin “ asserere ” = to defend. In figurative sense, to defend the validity of one’s rights.

ASSESSMENT ( A. OF DAMAGE, OF TAXES ) confirmation , verifying of a situation . From latin ” assensus ” = approved , confirmed.

ASSIGNED COUNSEL lawyer appointed by law court as service of free cost legal aid. From latin ” assignare ” = to give a of a task .

ASSIZES ( COURT OF A. ) in Italy, is a court having competence about heavy offence or heavy felony as for example murder , assassination, human being trading . Is composed by a number of nine jurors and one chief judge. From latin ” assessum ” = sit down near to somebody. In fact, the jurors are sit down near the chief judge.

ASYLUM ( POLITICAL A. ) legal position concerning a refugee person , excaped from his State of origin for political or military reason or racial persecution. From latin “asylum” = shelter.

ATTACHMENT allegation. From latin “ attactus ” = contact. In this sense, the attached document is an ancillary document joined to the main document.

ATTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES circumstances surrounding the execution of a crime, involving the mitigation of the punishment for the offender (eg : in a crime of battery,the attenuating circumstance to act in a condition of anger provoked by the victim ). From latin ” tenuis ” = modest / ” circum ” = around / ” statio ” = position. Therefore facts or situation around the offender position that are involving a modest gravity of the crime.

ATTESTATION authentication , legalization . From latin “ attestatio ” = witness activity. In fact, the attestation document is issued by an officer acting as a witness during a statement or a declaration.

ATTORNEY person admitted to practice law in at least one jurisdiction and authorized to perform some legal function on behalf of clients ( eg : provide legal counsels, drafting legal document ). From latin ” ad ” = by / ” tornare ” = to give a shape to something. In figurative sense, the attorney gives a legal shape to the client’s claim.

AUCTION BY COURT ORDER selling of issued by law court . From latin “ auctari ” = to sell . But also becoming from “ auctus ” = get bigger, increasing. Here , term used in figurative sense of increasing of money bidding during the auction.

AUDITING ( ASSIGNMENT, COMMITTEE ) control, check , examination . From latin ” audire” = to know, to get a set of news. In fact , during the audit activity , the public body are checking a set of document with the aim to know the content.

AUTOCRACY absolute power. From old greek “ authos ” = by self / “ kratos ” = power, decision power.

AUTOMATIC RENEWAL OF A CONTRACT tacit renovation of a contract. From old greek ” authos ” = by self / ” mathesis ” = knowing / ” re” = again / ” novus ” = new. In figurative sense, the contract is knowing by itself that at the expiry date it will be again renewed.


From latin ” avius ” = without road, impassable road / “ideo ” = so, therefore. In fact an act declared null and void is without road in the figurative sense that it will be not brought anywhere.

AVULSION kind of property acquisition , due to a joining between two grounds taken off from a land. From latin ” avulsio ” = to tear ( from a land ).






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