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BAIL guarantee or surety grant by a person with the aim to support or aidanother person in trouble. From latin ” baiulare ” = to bring over own shoulders. In figurative sense, is the assumption of a duty , of a load of another person.


BALLISTIC SURVEY expert report given to establish the exact direction ofthe bullets during an exchange of gunshot. From latin ” ballistica ” = an instrument used in middle age to throw a stone against the enemy army during the battles.


BAN proclamation, public notice or edict issued to get forbidden a thing , anaction or to impose a conduct , to issue an interdiction or debarment for some category of people. From latin ” pannus ” = white sheet , white blanket. In fact in the old roman empire , was in habit to lay a white sheet where was written a conduct forbidden or a duty to fulfil as example ( engagement in army ).


BANKRUPTICY payment failure, default in payment . From latin “ ruptus” = broken . In the old roman empire, the shopkeeper defaulting in debts payment, was in the habit to break the own stall, used to show the ware.


BIGAMY plural marriage. From old greek “ beta ” = second / “ gamos ” =couple.


BILL document, certificate, title , draft. From latin “ bulla ” = medal. Hereused in figurate sense of sign of evidence of performed payment.


BUREAUCRACY set of public office, personnel of public bodies. From oldgreek ” buros ” = office / ” kratos ” = power of decision .






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