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GENERAL AGENT clerk authorized by principal to manage a set oftransactions, in the sphere of relations between subordinate and principal. From latin ” generalis ” = concernig a wide range of matters. Also in modern italian language, when the police stops a suspected person, says ” mi dia le sue generalita’ ” = tell me your general and personal data. Other example are given by terms as general assignment, general creditors, general partners.


GENUINE SIGNATURE authentic or real signature, signature put withoutadulteration or counterfeiting. From latin ” genuine ” = sincerely , ” genuinus ” = natural / “ signatura ” = mark , seal . In figurative sense, thegenuine signature, is the abstract seal apposed sincerely by a person.


GIFT CAUSA MORTIS a gift given by a donor to a person in expectation ofown death, waiting an imminent death. From old dutch language ” ghifte ” = dowry, give an endowment / from latin ” causa ” = because occasion, because cause / “mortis ” = of the death.


GOOD SAMARITAN DOCTRINE doctrine advocating a rate of protectionin favour of a subject who voluntarily helped a people in a dangerous situation. From latin “samaritanus ” = a resident of Samaria , a region in the middle east. In the bible, was reported a story of a man resident in this region, that was in habit to help the people in difficulty.


GOVERNMENT central authority having the task to manage , to deal andcontrol common affairs and activities , and generally all matter concerning the public sector. because entitled of the concentration of powers. From latin ” gubernator ” = driver of a ship. In the figurative sense, the ship is a State , anation , and the government is the group of drivers.


GRACE PERIOD stated period of time during which a responsibility or aduty is suspended without penalty or fine to pay. From latin ” gratia ” = favour, benevolent behaviour.


GRAVAMEN the essential part of a grievance , of a complaint, of anindictment. From latin ” gravis ” = heavy . Here in figurative sense, a document as for example a complaint, contains a lot of articles, but among these, the gravamen has a superior weight , therefore a superior importance.


GRIEVANCE complaint about injustice , tort or wrong undergone. Fromlatin “gravatus ” = burdened . Here in figurative sense, the opposite part in trial is burdened with a duty to find proper argument for the defence or counterclaim.






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