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HABITABILITY ( WARRANT OF H. ) document stating the capacity of anew house unit to be lived by people, involving that the construction of the unit is according to all specific law provisions. From latin ” habitare ” = to dwell / ” habilis ” = to be able to.


HEIR subject succeding as owner in the property of decedent. From latin “haeres ” = heir .


HIERARCHY APPEAL kind of petition directed to a functionary ranked onhigher level than the functionary issuing the measure appealed . From old greek ” hieros ” = sacred, high priest / ” arche’ ” = power. In the old greek nations, the high priest had a superior authority than the others priest.


HOLOGRAPHIC WILL document containing a testamentary provisions,entirely handwritten by the same testator, therefore the person creating the document. From old greek ” holos ” = whole, fully / ” graphein ” = to write. Therefore, a genuine document entirely written by the same testator.


HOMICIDE criminal killing of human being, made by murder, assassination,manslaughter , or as result of a criminal negligence. The term is also used to indicate a non criminal killing as for example a killing in self-defence. From latin ” hominis ” = of a man / ” caedere ” = to kill.


HOSTAGE person seized by another to make sure or enforce compliancewith a demand. From latin ” hostis ” = enemy.


HOSTILE POSSESSION is possession of real property adverse to all otherrange of interests, also to the owner’s title of record. From latin ” hostilis ” = contrary .


HOSTILE TAKEOVER usurpation corporation control or business controlin opposition to existing management. From latin ” hostilis ” = contrary.


HOSTILE WITNESS during a direct examination, is so called a witnessshowing a kind of antagonism to the party by whom he has been called . From latin ” hostilis ” = contrary.


HUMANITARIAN DOCTRINE doctrine holding that a person having thelast possibility to avoid an accident or injury to other, has an affirmative burden to do so. From latin “humanis ” = relating to human being. Therefore, this doctrine, speaks about a kind of a impulse of consciousness that every human being would have.


HYBRID SECURITY security combining the elements of a debenture , bondor common stock, being usually a mix of debt and equity. From latin ” hybrida ” = mixture of races, monster of old greek mitology being a mix ofman and beast.


HYBRID DEFENCE kind of defence of criminal trial which is conductedsharing the activity of defendant by himself and by his attorney . From latin “hybrida ” = mixture of races, monster of old greek mitology being a mix of man and beast.


HYPOTECH kind of pledge regarding immovable goods or real estate, aimedto assure the creditor in case of lacking of debtor’s performance (eg : a bank grants a loan to a person, but this last have to register an hypothec over his house. From old greek ” hypo ” = under / ” theke ” = cupboard, store. Therefore, in figurative sense, a hypotecated good or estate , is a good given by the debtor and under the custody of creditor that put this good in the store, until the debtor will fulfill the performance.






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