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LABOUR CONTRACT contract between an employer and employee ,containing terms and condition concerning a work relationship. From latin ” laborare ” = to work.


LACHES ( GUILTY OF ) person estopped to assert his legal rights becausehis delay, due to neglect or failure . To use this right has provoked a disadvantage to another party. From latin ” laxe ” = not strictly . In figurative sense the claimant doesn’t use in a case the rigours , the strictness or careful that would be proper.


LAPSE OF RIGHT loss of legal right or privilege due to the failure toexercise it within a determinate time period. From latin ” lapsus ” = fallen down , slided. In the figurative sense, a right that formerly was kept by owner, now is falled down, is not yet kept by him.


LARCENY theft of small worth items. In the law history was a crimeconsisting in an actual taking of another’s property against his will, now the term is indicating any type of emblezzement or conduct directed to obtain property under false representation of situations, facts or rights. Eg: the theft of a washing machine by judicial bailee. From latin ” largitus sum ” = corrupted.


LEGACY testamentary gift, given under a will , consisting of money orpersonal property. From latin ” legatus ” = representant , sent as ambassador. In figurative sense, the person appointed with legacy is representing the deceased person as ambassador.


LEGAL anything matter concerning the law or authorized by the law or anytype of legal statute. From latin ” legalis ” = according to law provision.


LEGAL FICTION fact assumed by the court ,regardless of its truth , toenable it to reach a decision of the law. From latin ” legalis ” = according to law / ” fictitious ” = simulated, invented, false.


LEGALIZATION granting of a legal status to an act or condition notformerly according to the law provisions. From latin ” legalis ” = according to law / ” actionem ” = action, operation.


LEGATION diplomatic mission consisting in a group of person sent by acountry to another country to act as official representants of the state authority. From latin “legatus ” = sent as ambassador / ” actionem ” = action, operation.


LEGISLATION exercising of the power aimed to the rule making and lawpromulgation . From latin ” legis ” = of a legis / ” lator ” = bringing or carrying something. In figurative sense bringing a law inside the legal system.


LEGISLATIVE IMMUNITY set of privilege enjoyed by members of U.S.Congress. From latin ” legis ” = law / ” lator ” = bringing / ” in ” = not / ” munus ” = load , burden , duty. Therefore exempted from the rule brought or imposed by the law.


LEGISLATURE elected public body having an authority to make law for agovernamental unit as a State or State federation. From latin ” legis ” = law / ” lator ” = bringing.


LEGITIMATION giving a legal status to a document or person. From latin”legitimus ” = lawful , legal.


LENITY RULE rule providing that if there is an ambiguity in a definition ofa rule about the punishment of a crime , is need to resolve the ambiguity following the more soft interpretation ( named also ” favor rei ” = in favor of the defendant ). From latin “lenire” = to make mild, to make more sweet. In figurative sense , to render a punishment less heavy.


LETTERS AD COLLIGENDUM BONA DEFUNCTI order instructing aperson aimed to the gathering and preserving the goods and real estates of a deceased person. From latin “littera ” = instructions / ” colligere ” = to collect / ” bona ” = goods, estate / “defunctus” = dead.


LETTERS ( ADVOCATORY L.) order direct to oblige a person to return inown’s country from another country that is belligerant relationship with his State. From latin ” littera ” = instructions / ” ad ” = towards, in direction of / ” vocare ” = to call. Therefore , to call someone giving him instruction how to return to his home country.


LETTERS ROGATORY request issued by a court of a country to a court ofanother country , asking the consignment of document or the hearing of a witness deposition or the execution of a survey From latin ” littera ” = instructions / ” rogare ” = to ask .


LEVERAGED BUYOUT acquisition of a company by the use of itsborrowings secured just by the assets of the acquired company. From latin ” levare ” = to lift, to give a relief. In figurative sense, a company makes anacquisition of another , and the acquired has not more the duty to repay the loaned amount of money, therefore is a relief for it.


 LEVY required payment compelled by exercise of legal authority ,conscription for the compulsory military service . From latin ” levare ” = to stand up. In figurative sense , stand up oneself to go make the duty required.


LIABILITY term used to indicate any burden , obligation to perform, duty ,obligation or answering for his action. From latin ” legare ” = to entrust / ” habilitas ” = capacity to do. Therefore, when a person is liable to dosomething is meaning that is entrusted to perform a duty.


LIBEL defamatory statement expressed in pictures, printing , signs orwritings. This statement must be able to provoke an injury against the reputation of another person. From latin ” liber ” = document / ” bellum ” = war. In figurative sense is a document containing offensive words able to provoke a (legal ) war.


LIBERATION releasing a person or a thing from restraint or custody . Fromlatin “liberatio” = acquittance.


LICENSE document involving a right, title or authorization granted by apublic body to an private applicant that is claiming this right or title. From latin ” licentia ” = permit .


LICENTIOUS USE OF RIGHT abusive way to use a right, a lien, a privilegeregardless the other’s rights. From latin ” licentiosus ” = without rule .


LICIT CONDUCT behaviour according to law, lawful conduct, conductallowed by law system. From latin ” licere ” = to be allowed.


LIEN charge allowed upon property or assets of one person to secure toanother the payment of a debt or an obligation, right of retaining or taking possession of another’s property aimed to get the satisfaction of a debt or obligation. From latin ” alienatio” = to transfer a property. In fact, for example, the mortgage is a temporary virtual transfer of ownership right. From latin ” ligamen ” = bond, tie. Here in the figurate sense , the lien bends the creditor to the assets of the debtor.


LIMITATION restraining condition imposed by the law , any statement present in a legal document aimed to limit the validity of a right or enforceability of obligation. From latin “limitus ” = of the path representing a boundary or a border ( in the old roman empire the boundaries between two land were represented by a path ) . Here in the figurative sense , the land is the law and beyond the land’s border there is the land ” outlaw “.


LIMITED GUARANTY guarantee confined inside the figurative boundariesof a particular transaction or liability. From latin ” limitus ” = of the path representing a boundary or a border ( in the old roman empire the boundaries between two land were represented by a path ) . Here in the figurative sense , the land is the law and beyond the land’s border there is the land ” outlaw “.


LINEAGE IN A HEREDITARY MATTER figurative line indicating agroup of person descending from a common ancestor, having teorically right to participation to the share of decedent’s estate ( the opposite figurative line is called ” collateral ” ). From latin ” linare ” = to draw a line.


LIQUID ASSETS condition of a business having sufficient cash availability,therefore material money or thing available to be converted easily in money. From latin ” liceri ” = to buy, to purchase / ” quidam ” = something.


LIQUIDATION payment in full or whole settlement of an obligation . From “ liceri ” = to buy, to purchase / “ quidam ” = something.


LITIGATION term indicating the beginning of a lawsuit or other litigationable to be decided by a judge. From latin ” litis ” = of a dispute / from english ” gate ” = entry door. In figurative sense, the litigation is the entrance of the dispute in the law court.


LITIGIOUS MATTER any matter under examination in a law suit orlitigation, therefore the object of the claim or dispute. From latin ” litis ” = of a dispute / ” materia ” = object, matter, aptitude.


LITTORAL RIGHT right allowing the use, as proprietor, of the bendinvolving space of the shore of a lake , sea, or river. From latin ” litoralis ” = of the coast, of the shore.


LOCAL LAW law valid and enforceable only in a restricted territory, area ormunicipality. From latin ” locus ” = place.


LUCID INTERVAL time period indicating a time share , which a person,usually mentally insane, has a temporary capacity to understand the effects of his conduct. From latin “lucidus ” = shining , brightness / also from ” lux ” = light / ” idoneus ” = appropriate, able to / ” intra ” = between / ” vallum ” = fence , separation . Therefore in figurative sense , during a conduct perpetrated in a mental status of insanity, there is a fence, a break of insanity and a conduct perpetrated willingly.


LUCRATIVE INTENT mind condition indicating the intent to get a gain orprofit from any contract or legal deed. From latin ” lucrum ” = gain, profit.


LUXURY TAX tax indirectly striking the use of a good considered notessential, as liquors or cigarettes, boats. From latin ” luxuriose ” = excessive / ” taxatio ” = to give an extimation, an evaluation of an item or real estate. Here, in figurative sense, an item excessively expensive are extimated by the State as luxury item.






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