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QUALIFICATION defined skill required for the keeping of an office or job.From latin “qualitas” = characteristic , feature , conditio / ” officium ” = function, service. Therefore a characteristic , a needed skill requested to perform a service.


QUALIFIED ACCEPTANCE conditioned acceptance of a contractualproposal . Term used in the law of contracts and indicating an acceptance of an offer conditioned to a change or a modification of the offer conditions. From latin ” qualitas ” = condition, characteristic / ” foedus ” = agreed , settled / ” caeptus ” = caught , allowed. In figurative sense , the contract is allowed only if it is settled with it’s particular characteristic or condition.


QUARANTINE ORDER order issued by public safety authority , aimed toisolate in a specified home or land , humans or animals suspected to have a contagious disease. From latin ” quadraginta ” = period of forty days, commonly known as a minimum period to favour the dead of a virus.


QUASHING OF INDICTMENT OR SUBPOENA avoidance or annulmentof an indictment , subpoena or a sentence formerly issued by an inferior court. Eg : in Italy, the supreme court has a quashing power of sentences issued by lower courts. From latin ” quassus ” = demolished. In figurative sense, the validity of the order issued by an inferior court is destroyed by the superior court.


QUASI JUDICIAL PROCEEDING proceeding having all the elements of atrial , as the summon or the evidences submission , but conducted by an administrative agency and not by a law court therefore not by a judiciary authority. From latin ” quasi ” = almost.


QUASI IN REM CLAIM claim in which the plaintiff wish a recovery ofdamages by means of an attaching some (not all ) of his property. From latin ” quasi ” = almost / “ rem ” = item / “ clamare ” = to ask.


QUASI CRIMINAL TRIAL trial or proceeding having some elementscommon with judiciary trial but regarding violation less important , as for example a quasi criminal proceeding before the disciplinary committee of a law society. From latin ” quasi ” = almost / ” crimen ” = offence.


QUESTION point of law or point of fact on which parties disagree , thereforeis need to be submitted to a court for the resolution . From latin ” quaestio ” = asked.


QUORUM OF JUDGES term indicating a minimum number of judgesrequired to issue an order or a sentence. Eg: to issue a sentence, the quorum is the 70% of the voting judges. From latin ” qui ” = who . In figurative sense, the group of judge required to approve a decision.


QUOTA ( TAXATION Q. ) term indicating an assigned number concerningthe percentage of tax due to pay. Eg: the income earned by ownership of a land, is under a taxation quota of 30 % of proceedings. From latin ” quota ” = share.


QUO WARRANT PROCEEDINGS in the law of corporation is aproceeding aimed to test a properly formation of a corporation , its valid existence and the regular power to claim or to act legally to care its interests. From latin ” quo “= who / from old italian ” garantire ” = to give a guarantee / from latin “procedere ” = to go ahead. In figurative sense, this proceeding is aimed to understand what is the source giving the authority to go ahead in the enterprise management.






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