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The banks are not disclosing lots of stuff when you get into a contract with them, like the fact that they have created money (it's called counterfeiting) on their books and records through a "fractional reserve" method that is approved only by the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.

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WARNING! The tactics described below are 'questionable' to say the least, can easily create many more problems than they solve, and ARE NOT ENDORSED by the Library.

The banks are not disclosing lots of stuff when you get into a contract with them, like the fact that they have created money (it's called counterfeiting) on their books and records through a "fractional reserve" method that is approved only by the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.

There are other violations of Law that they do not tell you about / disclose, and as such it is Fraud. This nullifies the contract, like as if the contract never existed.

This information is provided for your continuing EDUCATION in these matters. The author wishes to remain anonymous. This information is presented FREE OF CHARGE, in hopes of helping fellow Patriots to keep out of trouble, and to get our Common Law back. NO ONE SHOULD CHARGE FOR THIS INFORMATION. You will answer to God if you do. Help your brother, and you will be helped in return!

Here's what people in California are doing:

They send in the first letter to a Credit Card company, and some send into their Mortgage company.

Obviously a mortgage is a larger amount, and the bank would probably push to the limit on it. The cards are normally a smaller amount, and the bank may write the amount off rather than pay to litigate this matter and keep those issues from coming up in a court with a jury. If you won, they would have to stop completely and give all money back to everyone!

People that have done this with a mortgage company have filed all the paperwork for "Allodial Title" as best as is possible just to make sure that everything is set up right.

The documents are self explanatory, the second letter is a estoppel after they either don't answer, or write and say that they are "following all state and federal laws". Like there are state and federal laws that can just walk around the Constitution. These banks, if properly operating in a State, have permission to do so from the State legislature, that authority must be granted under the Constitution, and the authority granted in the constitution comes from the People. If they are some sort of foreign entity, following some foreign law (such as that from the District of Columbia) then they are importing foreign law and that doesn't wash in a State. It's like someone from Japan saying you need to obey Japanese Law when you are in California.

Collection agents are warned in the letter, some people send the whole letter to each and every collection agent that calls them, so that they know what they are getting themselves into. Some people just say that their company is at estoppel and that any further action is considered harassment or extortion, etc... If they continue, then people ask the collection agent for their address so that they can be named as a accessory to the crime and be sued PERSONALLY. They ask the collection agent if he has the authority from his company and if it's company policy for them to harass and extort money through calling over and over and if they say no, then they inform these agents that they have stepped outside their authority and are sue-able personally. They inform these guys to put a note on the computer that they want communication in writing only, "hey, anything you want to tell me, put it in writing".

If they send to a Zip Code address, these people send it back. If a letter that is not addressed to them is dropped in their box (its not for you if it's got a Zip Code on it and the name is in all uppercase), then they just send it back unopened (making a photo copy of the front and back for records) with a letter explaining what happened. This forces the banks to step on the LAND if they are going to deal with this!

The banks have a bonding company, if they lose that company because you bring up these violations of law, they might just lose that bond and thus go out of business. It's not easy to get a bond for a bank. Most of them do not have Charters in a State to operate there. In 1980 they made it so that most banks can't operate in the States. There may also be violations of Postal Regs too! (they do it all through the mail)

This can go on for a while, some people have had companies just go away, others have had law suits filed in court against them. They are fighting it all the way. All the info for the case is in the letters, some people are doing more research but are prepared for the worse.

There's also a company that sends out a "Fractional Reserve Check" to "pay" these banks the whole balance in one check, and then if there are any questions, it goes to that "Fractional Reserve Check" company and their legal staff fights for you. This is a great "back up" plan to have, but is a last resort.

Some people have sent letters asking the "merchants" that they purchased things from on the cards if they feel that they owe anything, because you think that you have been defrauded by the bank etc... and these "merchants" say that these people are all paid up and there's no problem. So it is their loss if they want to continue in ignorance. They could join in on the law suit and help out!

The letters are sent out REGISTERED MAIL, this assures delivery and gives a very good record of delivery, it's about $5 Frn's.

This is all very common law, all codes mentioned show that the BANK must follow the codes, the Sovereign does not.

The people sending this out are prepared to go to court, and file a counter claim (let them file first!) and are ready to get a jury (State Citizens) and a proper IMPARTIAL judge. There are other files and such on this.

If enough people do this, these banks will have no choice but stop ripping people off and fully disclose what's going on!

If you are not in California, you will need to look at your State's Constitution and find some other cases to use as a reference.

Remember that these files are EXAMPLES, and you have to use your own brain and edit them for your situation. DO NOT JUST PRINT AND USE THESE DOCUMENTS!

Good Luck!

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