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Terry Nichol's Affidavit Claiming He's An Alien

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To Service List On Reverse Side, with Two Witnesses of Mailing and This:

I, Terry L. Nichols do Lawfully Affirm as follows this date:

1. I am a NATURAL-BORN, FREE adult Citizen of the State of Michigan by birth, thus of America, and an inhabitant of the State of Kansas, thankfully endowed by our Creator God with Unalienable Rights enumerated in America's founding organic documents, which I have never with knowingly intelligent acts waived; and I freely choose to obey all American Law and pay all Lawful taxes in jurisdictions applicable to me for the common good. I stand in Proper Person with Assistance, Special. The foregoing, including my STATUS and Unalienable Rights, are not negotiable. My Status, in accord, is stated for all in 1:2:3, 2:1:5, 3:2:1 and 4:2:1 of the U.S. Constitution.

2. Recent diligent studies have convinced me of the above and that as such I am not "subject to" the territorially-limited "exclusive Legislation" and its foreign jurisdiction mandated for Washington, D.C., ect. in our U.S. Constitution's Article 1:8: 17-18, including its "internal" government organization's therein or by contract adhesioned thereto across America. And neither are millions of other such Citizens, unless they have provided "WAIVERS of Constitutional Rights" by "knowingly intelligent acts done with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely consequences" as ruled by the 1970 Supreme Court (Brady v. U.S., 397 U.S. 742 at 746). I have given no such "waivers".

3. These studies also prove that a shrewd and criminal Constructive Fraud has been perpetrated upon America by government under counterfeit "color of law", through apparent entrapments of certain ACTIVITIES (monopoly occupations) and PRIVILEGES" (other benefits) allowed by Statutory Acts or otherwise. By never- repealed American Law, such sources of past and present Criminal Element in (and behind) Government should be brought to Justice in a Constitutional Court for aiding and abetting this Fraud as willing Accomplices. It is for such Court with a 12-member Jury of Peers to decide who is and is not Guilty among personnel of government, media, schools, lawyers, accountants, clergy and other purveyors of misinformation and propaganda in this and related regards.

4. Due to such shrewd entrapments, over the years I have unwittingly signed many of the related documents or contracts, some even under the "perjury" jurat as was supposedly required. With American Law on this Citizen's side, I hereby REVOKE all such signatures and render them null and void except for those that I choose to have measured as being under "TDC" (threat, duress and/or coercion) and/or "without prejudice" (per UCC 1-207), past and now. This is also my Lawful Notice that all such signatures of mine in the future, with such government or otherwise-adhesioned sources, are to be considered as under "TDC" and/or "without prejudice", whether appearing therewith or otherwise, including banks, licenses, etc. So be it, respectfully demanding that my Constitutional "Privileges and Immunities" (Article 4:2) are apart from 1:8:17-18's Washington, D.C., and shall not by Law be violated ever.

5. With this accurate knowledge, I Lawfully "squarely challenge" the fraudulent usurping octopus of JURISDICTION/AUTHORITY (cited in Item #2 about) which does not apply to me (ref: Hagen v. Lavine {1974}, 415 U.S. 528 at 533), with "the supreme Law of the Land" (our Constitution's 6:2) again on this Citizen's side. It is therefore now mandatory for any personnel of Article 1:8:17-18's so-called "IRS", for example, to first prove its "jurisdiction" if any over me before any further procedures can take place in my regard [Title 5, U.S. Code, 856(d)]; or else its personnel and accomplices willfully violating this can and shall be personally charged as citizens under Title 18 U.S. Criminal Codes 241, 242, 1001 and/or otherwise. In fairness it can be added that "IRS" agents have no written, Lawful "Delegation of Authority" to my knowledge and that their so-called "Form 1040" appears to be a bootleg document, lacking both a required OMB number and an expiration date.

6. With all of the above in mind, it appears that this private Citizen is by Law as "Foreign" and "Non-Resident Alien" to the Article 1:8: 17-18's Washington, D.C., as to another country and thus shall feel free to use its forms when and as useful (e.g. W-8 "Certificate of FOREIGN STATUS, 1040 NR for "U.S. Non-Resident Alien Income Tax Return" Refunds, and IRS Code Section 402(n) to cancel "Withholding").

FURTHER THE AFFIANT SAITH NOT on this Date of 16 March 1994

/s/ Terry L. Nichols
Rt. 3 Box 83
Marion, Kansas

[signatures unreadable]

AFFIDAVIT by Terry L. Nichols, with due respect with due respect and with TWO WITNESSES of mailing this date (all with TDC):

1. Kansas Governor Joan Finney, State Capitol, Topeka, Kansas
2. Kansas Secretary of State Bill Graves, 2nd Floor, State
Capitol, Topeka, Kansas
3. Kansas Treasurer/State Controller Sally Thompson, 900 SW
Jackson, Topeka Kansas
4. Kansas State Senator_Dist. Don Steffes, [address unreadable];
Gerald Karr, 1155 HWY 99 RD 250, Emporia Kansas
5. Kansas Representative/Assemblyman_Dist. Duane Goossen, P.O. Box
97, Gossel, Kansas
6. Kansas Attorney General Robert Stephan, Trustee of the Public
Trust for State of Kansas Judicial Ctr., Topeka, Kansas
7. Kansas (Income Tax) Director Bret Robinson, 1100 Commerce St.,
Dallas, Texas
8. Marion Economic Develop' Director Court House, Marion, Kansas
9. Marion Health Services Director Diedre Serene, Court House,
Marion, Kansas
10. Kansas Highway Patrol Director, 122 S.W. 7th, Topeka, Kansas
11. Marion Sheriff Edward Davies, Court House Sq., Marion, Kansas
12. Township Trustee/Supervisor James Herley, Rt.3, Marion, Kansas
13. Marion Registrar of Voters Marquetta Eilerts, Court House,
Marion, Kansas
14. County Attorney Keith Collett, Court House, Marion, Kansas
15. Marion Mayor Gerry Harris, 203 N. 3rd., Marion, Kansas
16. Marion Police Chief Donald Kealer, 108 N. 5th, Marion, Kansas
17. Marion City Attorney Edwin Wheeler, 203 N. 3rd, Marion, Kansas
18. U.S. President Bill Clinton, White House, 1600 Penna. Ave.,
Washington, D.C. 205000
19. U.S. Vice Pres. Al Gore, White House, 1600 Penna. Ave.,
Washington, D.C. 205000
20. U.S. Senator Bob Dole, U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C. 20510;
Nancy Kassebaum, U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C. 20510
21. U.S. Congressman _Dist. Dan Glickman, U.S. House of
Representatives, Washington, D.C., 20515; Pat Roberts, U.S.
House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., 20512
22. U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, U.S. Trustee of the Public
Trust, 10th St. and Constitution Ave., Washington, D.C. 20530
23. U.S. Sec'y of Treasury Lloyd D. Bentsen, 1500 Penna. Ave.,
N.W., Washington, D.C. 20220
24. U.S. supreme Court Chief Justice. Wm. Rehnquist, 1 First St.,
N.E., Washington, D.C. 20543
25. U.S. FBI Director Louis Freech, J. Edgar Hoover Bldg., 9th &
Penna Ave., N.W., D.C. 20535
26. U.S. Sec'y of Commerce Ron Brown, 14th St. at Constitution
Ave. & E St., N.W., D.C. 20203
27. U.S. Social Security Dir. Shirley Charter, P.O. Box 57,
Baltimore, Maryland 21293
28. U.S. IRS Commissioner Marc Richardson 1111 Constitution Ave.,
N.W. Washington, D.C. 20224.
29. U.S. Tax Court Chief Chancellor, 400 2nd Street, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20217
30. U.S. IRS District Director Juan Luina, 271 W. 3rd, Witchita,

WITNESSES TO AFFIANT'S MAILING of this affidavit to this Service List on 16 March 1994 /s/ /s/

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