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Prosecution Witnesses in the O.J. Simpson Criminal Trial

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This is the list of the prosecution witnesses in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial and the dates of their testimony.

The first witness, police dispatcher Sharon Gilbert, testified on January 31. The 58th and final witness, FBI analyst Douglas Deedrick, completed his testimony on July 6.

Sharon Gilbert, L.A. Police Dept 911 Dispatcher, 1/31/95

Detective John Edwards, L.A. Police Dept, 1/31/95

Detective Mike Farrell, L.A. Police Dept, 1/31/95

Ron Shipp, friend of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson, 2/1-2/95

Mike Stevens, L.A. Police Dept investigator, 2/2/95

Terri Moore, 911 Dispatcher, 2/2/95

Sgt. Robert Lerner, L.A. Police Dept, 2/3/95

Catherine Boe, neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson, 2/3/95

Carl Colby, neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson, 2/3/95

Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, 2/3 and 2/6/95

Candace Garvey, friend of Nicole Brown Simpson, 2/6/95

Cynthia Shahian, friend of Nicole Brown Simpson, 2/6/95

Tia Gavin, waitress at Mezzaluna Restaurant, 2/7/95

Stuart Tanner, bartender at Mezzaluna Restaurant, 2/7/95

Karen Crawford, manager at Mezzaluna Restaurant, 2/7/95

Karen Goldman, sister of Ronald Goldman, 2/7/95

Pablo Fenjves, neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson, 2/7/95

Eva Stein, neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson, 2/8/95

Louis Karpf, neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson, 2/8/95

Steven Schwab, neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson , 2/8/95

Sukru Boztepe, neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson, 2/8/95

Elsie Tistaert, neighbor of Nicole Brown Simpson , 2/8/95

Mark Storfer, neighbor of Nicole, 3/6/95 (called out of order)

Officer Robert Riske, L.A. Police Dept, 2/9 and 14/95

Sgt. David Rossi, L.A. Police Dept, 2/14-15/95

Detective Ronald Phillips, L.A. Police Dept, 2/15-17/95

Detective Tom Lange, L.A. Police Dept, 2/17-22 and 3/6-9/95

Detective Mark Fuhrman, L.A. Police Dept, 3/9-10/95 and 3/13-16/95

Lt. Frank Spangler, L.A. Police Dept, 3/16/95

Detective Philip Vannatter, L.A. Police Dept, 3/16-17 and 3/20-21/95

Patti Goldman, Ronald Goldman's stepmother, 3/9/95

Darryl Smith, Inside Edition news photographer, 3/16/95

Brian "Kato" Kaelin, O.J. Simpson houseguest, 3/21-23 and 3/27-28/95

Rachel Ferrara, friend of Brian Kaelin, 3/28/95

Allan Park, limousine driver, 3/28-29/95

Judge Delbert Wong, Special Master, 3/29/95

James Williams, skycap at L.A. International Airport, 3/29/95

Sue Silva, Westec Security Inc., 3/30/95

Charles Cale, neighbor of O.J. Simpson, 3/31/95

Dennis Fung, L.A. Police Dept criminalist, 4/3-5, 11-14 and 17- 18/95

Andrea Mazzola, L.A. Police Dept criminalist, 4/20 and 4/25-27/95

Gregory Matheson, chief chemist, L.A. Police Dept, 5/1-5/95

Bernie Douroux, towtruck driver, 5/8/95

Robin Cotton, lab director of Cellmark Diagnostics, 5/8-15/95

Gary Sims, California Dept of Justice, 5/16-22/95, 5/31-6/1/95

Renee Montgomery, criminalist, California Dept of Justice, 5/23-24/95

Collin Yamauchi, criminalist, L.A. Police Dept, 5/24-31/95

Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, L A County Chief Medical Examiner, 6/2-15/95

Brenda Vemich, merchandise buyer, Bloomingdale's, 6/15/95

Richard Rubin, former Isotoner executive, 6/15-16/95

William J. Bodziak, FBI shoe print expert, 6/19/95

Samuel Poser, shoe dept manager, Bloomingdale's , 6/20/95

LuEllen Robertson, custodian of records, Airtouch Cellular, 6/21/95

Kathleen Delaney, lawyer for Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, 6/21/95

Bruce Weir, population geneticist, 6/22-23/95, 6/26/95

Denise Lewis, criminalist, L.A. Police Dept, 6/26-27/95

Susan Brockbank, criminalist, L.A. Police Dept, 6/27-28/95

Douglas Deedrick, FBI Special Agent, 6/29 - 7/6/95

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