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Michael Fortier's Handwritten Statement Entered As Part Of His Plea Agreement

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August 10th, 1995

"On December 15th and 16th I rode with Tim McVeigh from my home in Kingman, AZ to Kansas. There I was to receive weapons that Tim McVeigh told me had been stolen by Terry Nichols and himself. While in Kansas, McVeigh and I loaded about twenty-five weapons into a car that I had rented. On December 17th, 1994, I drove the rental car back to Arizona through Oklahoma and Oklahoma City. Later, after returning to Arizona and at the request of Tim McVeigh, I sold some of the weapons and again at the request of Tim McVeigh I gave him some money to give to Terry Nichols.

"Prior to April 1995, McVeigh told me about the plans that he and Terry Nichols had to blow up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I did not as soon as possible make known my knowledge of the McVeigh and Nichols plot to any judge or other persons in civil authority. When F.B.I. agents questioned me later, about two days after the bombing, and during the next three days, I lied about my knowledge and concealed information. For example, I falsely stated that I had no knowledge of plans to bomb the federal building.

"I also gave certain items that I had received from McVeigh, including a bag or ammonium nitrate fertilizer, to a neighbor of mine so the items would not be found by law enforcement officers in a search of my residence."

- Michael Joseph Fortier

Michael Fortier was incarcerated August 11th at the Federal Medical Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. He faces a prison term of up to 23 years. He will be formally sentenced after his testimony in the trial or trials of bombing suspects McVeigh and Nichols.

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