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[Note: We are supplying this file for entertainment purposes only. Unless you're a violent right-wing looney, in which case we assure you so are we - and we just said that to trick all the commie scumbags into trusting us so we can then rip out their pancreas' when they're not looking. - staff]

BeastNet Background

This document seeks to explain what BeastNet is, why it was created, its purpose and specific goals, and how you can get involved in the fight agains The Beast.

What Is BeastNet?

BeastNet is a loosely affiliated private coalition of sovereign citizens dedicated to fighting the Beast and its agents in all their manifestations. BeastNet is an electronic champion for free speech, civil liberties and Constitutional rights.

How Did BeastNet Come to Be?

Any serious examination of the sate of affairs in the world today-- specifically in the United States--is likely to ellicit one of two typical responses:

1) You experience a shock so great and startling that you are spurred to action to right the wrongs of the world, but in the process, you lose sanity and any semblance of a normal life.

2) You decide immediately that the situation is hopeless, things can't be salvaged, and the best course of action is to sit back and chuckle (or perhaps fiddle) while the world burns.

The founders of BeastNet are happy with neither of these options, and have thus decided to combine the two into a "chuckle-while-we-save-the- world" approach.

BeastNet is predicated on the unifying theory that "The Beast" is the name we have given to that which is despised as contrary to the peaceful, prosperous and common interests of the nations and individuals of the world. Similarly, "Agents of The Beast" are people or orginizations who, either unwittingly or with full cognizance, work to further the cause of The Beast. The founders of BeastNet understand that it is not only their right to speak out against injustice, intolerance and oppression, but in fact their duty as Americans and citizens of the earth to fight these evils.

The Beast, as you may have guessed by now, is everywhere. It lurks in the jingles churned out by Madison Avenue ad agencies, hides in the bumbling ineptitude and petty greed of Washington congressmen, grows in the fear and ignorance of bigots everywhere, and lingers in the rank ambition, laziness and incompetence of the hack reporter striving for the cheap headline.

How Is BeastNet Funded? BeastNet is a self-sufficient organization and is privately funded by its members and receives no money or other support of any kind from government or corporate sources. Currently, BeastNet is not accepting any outside funding, but that position may change in the near future depending on the response to BeastNet, the expenses incurred in administering it and other factors.

What is BestNet All About?

The idea behind BeastNet is to create an open forum on the Internet where people can exchange information, ideas, opinons and speculation about the nature and activities of The Beast. BeastNet seeks to agitate and irritate the powers that be in the mainstream media, big business, government and other centers of power and status quo. It is the goal of BeastNet to upset the apple cart in an attempt to provide all sovereign citizens a fighting chance at the freedoms and equality supposedly guaranteed by the US Constitution. Ultimately, the goal of BeastNet is to raise public awareness about The Beast and create a culture of conscience that is compelled to fight The Beast and its agents.

How Can Others Get Involved With BeastNet

You can help fight The Beast by passing along any relevant information you might find. You can e-mail information to us at BeastNet@farces.com or upload it to our "incoming" directory at our ftp site at ftp.farces.com.

You can also help by spreading the word about BeastNet to other places and people on the Net.

While BeastNet does not impose copyright restrictions on any documents posted in its archives, some material contained within some BeastNet documents may be the copyrighted intellectual propoerty of other entities, used by BeastNet either with or without permission. Be aware that you may be violating copyright laws by resposting BestNet materials, although BeastNet encourages the redistrubtion of all its documents, provided our disclaimers and contact information remain intact.

What's Next For BeastNet?

Besides our FTP site, BeastNet is planning to launch a series of mailing lists in the summer of 1994. If you have ideas about what kind of mailing lists you'd like us to create, please send them in. We'll also be setting up a Mosaic home page and putting all of our information on the World-Wide Web.

Outside the Net, look for BeastNet to pull the ocassional prank and media stunt to draw attention to The Beast and its agents. We would outline the plans for some of these pranks, but The Beast is no doubt watching.

Are There Restrictions to BeastNet's Goals and Content?

BeastNet does not advocate or condone in any way activities that are illegal or harmful to others, eiither on the Net or in the "real world." BeastNet is not and will not allow itself to be involved with destructive practices such as computer viruses, homebrew explosives, violent overthrow of the government or other such acts. BeastNet is a law-abiding, peaceful organization dedicated to social change and national justice through raising public awareness.

About Privacy and Security on BeastNet

BeastNet is not necessarily interested in compiling lists of contact information of those who visit our FTP site. We welcome free and open communication from all of our members, but we do not require that you reveal a "true" identity when logging in, nor do we keep any special files of interested parties unless the specifically ask to be added to our mailing list.

Our general mailing list is kept private and is not--nor will it ever be--shared, sold, traded or revealed in any way to any corporate or government interest. It is a private internal document seen and used only by BeastNet.

All visits to the BeastNet site are, however, logged. This is because BeastNet is not the sole occupant or the owner of the server on which it resides, and in the interest of full disclosure and to help track traffic for diagnostic purposes, log-ins to BeastNet are captured and logged. If this is a problem for you, either log in under a psuedonym or an anonymous account.

For more information on BeastNet or to join us in our battle against The Beast, contact BeastNet via e-mail at: BeastNet@farces.com or via anonymous ftp at: ftp.farces.com

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