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This is one of the ways that State Citizens change their address, they do not like being a "person" in a legal sense, therefore they do not like the use of all uppercase in their name (use proper english!) The ZIP code is not used, but a postal code is. The /TDC means Threat, Duress and Coercion meaning that the mail may be slowed down if they don't use a number. State Citizens don't like numbers much. Their country is their State, and it's totally spelled out.

State Citizens change all their addresses (when humanly possible) within a reasonable amount of time after they find out that something is addressed wrong. Some State Citizens have even notified their postal delivery person in writing that they do not want any mail received that is not addressed correctly, especially anything from any government!

If someone keeps sending mail that is not addressed correct, they keep sending out a letter such as this one till the IDIOTS get it right.

Some "not yet, but soon" State Citizens (used to be one, but signed into stupid contracts), send this out anyway, then when they do notify all the proper people, everything is already in place! Remember, after they find out how stupid they have been, and how they, under FRAUD, got into these contracts, will claim that they have always been a State Citizen.

Here's a sample of what is normally sent.....

( name, upper & lowercase)
c/o (street)
(city), California
Postal Code 90000/TDC

(their name)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Postal Code 19255, U.S.A.


I OBJECT to your use of a ZIP code and abbreviation of my country in my address. I OBJECT to your use of all uppercase or capital letters in my name.

You have been incorrectly addressing my mail. The Postal Service has by mistake been delivering this mail anyway.

Please correct your mistake.

The address I am referring to is as follows:

(name the way they show it)
(street, the way they show it)
(city, state, zip, the way they show it)

Please correct my address as follows:

(name, upper and lower)
c/o (street)
(city), California
Postal Code 90000/TDC

You MUST include the "/TDC", use upper and lower case properly in my name and other words in the address, spell out my country properly and fully and include the words "Postal Code".

If your computers cannot handle this, you should either change the software or HAND address any further correspondence.

I will not accept mail that is improperly addressed.

NOTE: If you are receiving this at any Service Center other than the Philadelphia, PA center, this is notice that I am corresponding with that center in all matters with your organization.

With express reservation of all of my Rights in law, equity and all other natures of law, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


(name, upper and lowercase)

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