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"Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country," -- Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, DC.

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EIR} Talks'' interviews Lyndon LaRouche
May 11, 1995 Interviewer: Mel Klenetsky

MEL KLENETSKY: Welcome to ``{Executive Intelligence Review} Talks.'' I'm Mel Klenetsky, we're on the line with Lyndon LaRouche from Virginia.

How are you, Mr. LaRouche?

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Well, I just got back, I'm getting over the jet lag after the trip to Europe. But I enjoyed myself very much there. It was quite useful. Of course, being the kind of person that enjoys work all the time, makes it easier.


London's Role in the Oklahoma City Bombing

Q: Mr. LaRouche, I'd like to ask your assessment of the Oklahoma City terrorism incident. There is a second person who's been arrested, and, given your counterterrorism specialties, I'd like your overall assessment of that situation.

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Okay. First of all, the two guys who have been picked up so far, do represent a known capability. Now, it is my information, from several relevant sources, authoritative sources, that these guys and guys of a similar type, were not capable of constructing or deploying (that is, calculated deployment of) an explosive charge of the type that was used to wreck the building, so that this social group, typified by the accused McVeigh or the suspect this or the suspect that Nichols; these people and their similar types, could not have done the job. Someone like that, of course, could have driven a vehicle which had been prepared and delivered it according to instructions to a fixed location, things of that type. But it's obvious: These guys and similar guys or people they associated with, from their military background, Special Forces background, {could not have done the job.} This was done by people who were of a qualitatively much higher level of skill.

Q: Mr. LaRouche, let me ask you here one question about that. Since the explosives used are supposed to be easily obtained from local stores, ammonium nitrate--


Q: Nitrite and fuel, how is it that these individuals were not--

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Because it's a question of {shaping the charge.} An explosive is just an explosive.

Q: I see.

LYNDON LAROUCHE. {How you shape the charge} to produce a predetermined shaped effect, and {knowing} how to do it, and {knowing} where to pinpoint or focus the effect of the charge on the structure of the building, which means you have to know someting about these kinds of things as well, is all involved. That charge was designed with great sophistication and shaped and placed with great sophistication.

Forget the ammonium nitrite and the oil and so forth. That's not important. That's just an explosion, and that's one which is difficult to trace. That's its significance. But this was a shaped charge, which these guys could not have done. And no one like them could have done it.

Now, what's the significance? The significance is that the way the thing occurred, with this McVeigh. McVeigh was identified by some witness earlier, according to reports, as being in Oklahoma City, and driving the same vehicle in which he was apprehended later, before the explosion. When he was apprehended, he was picked up, because, according to the report, the vehicle did not have license plates on it.

Wel, it had license plates when he was driving it in Oklahoma City. Driving without the license plates, {of which he was probably not witting,} was the surest way in the world to get picked up under those circumstances by an ordinary interception by highway police; and that's how he was picked up, according to the reports.

The result of the focus upon these guys, Nichols and McVeigh and so forth, has resulted in letting the trail go cold on the guys we really should have been after. And they still aren't the guys. But that's one side.

{Who} designed the explosive, who got these two patsies or one patsy or whatever involved in the thing in order to help create a diversionary trail away from the real perpetrators?

This is a terrorist act. Now, a terrorist act is a psychological act which has a political context and a political character, whereas the bomb as such does not have a political character. Why was it done? What effect is it trying to produce? That's all terrorism is trying to produce: a psychological-political effect, like warfare.

Well, the ground was prepared, first of all, by the British, specifically by Lord William Rees-Mogg and his accomplice, Davidson, through their little Taxpayers' Union, which is a Mont Pelerin Society outfit. The political profile of the forces in the United States which are working closely with Rees-Mogg's neo-conservatives, are the same people who, like Rush Limbaugh, have been targetting President Clinton, and, in a sense, setting him up to be a target by all kinds of kooks in this country.

The people who led the misdirection after the explosion, in trying to get forces to chase somebody else other than the actual perpetrator, that is, the actual, real perpetrators, not the patsies, was the same Rees-Mogg and his friends, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the same people who are after the President.

So the only political setting of that explosion, is the one created {before} and {after} the act by the Canadian-based Conrad Black of the Hollinger Corporation news syndicate, and by the London {Times's} former chief editor Rees-Mogg, along with Conrad Black's Ambrose Evans- Pritchard. So we do know who is {politically exploiting} the explosion, who was {prepared} to exploit the explosion {before} it happened, and who followed up in the same manner {after} it happened, and whose effect was to deliver a message which the British are still repeating in their press today, and which also had the additional advantage of {diverting the attention} of law enforcement people away from the real problem into spending most of the time, up until the recent period, checking out all of these ``militia types,'' so called, and then coming up with an answer that none of these guys could have been capable of preparing a charge and placing it with that sopistication.

And where are the guys who did it? Oh, the trail long went cold. It may not be as bad as that, but that's the picture you get.

So, here we are, a case of this faction of the British Empire, the British monarchy, prepared and exploited a terrorist act against the United States, a terrorist act of military intelligence sophistication, way above the Special Forces level; and they're the ones who benefitted. And that's the kind of problem to which the President was referring in his address at the university in Moscow. This is the enemy. The President was diplomatic and did not mention {London}; but I'm certain that the President knows the British monarchy is the party that is responsible for this and other present, recent past, and possibly future events of a similar gory quality.

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