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[We have no idea what the hell the below letter is supposed to accomplish. If anyone knows, please tell us. -- staff]

, Sovereign
DOMICILE: T 1N, R 11W, Sec 1
(c/o: Mail Box # 5555 Your St.)
( Post Office)
County of

(NO Z.I.P. code)

Date 00/00/93

Date 00/00/93
P.O. Box 5555
Postal Zone 55555

By Registered Mail (R.R.R.)#__________________
By First Class Mail

RE: Envelope found in mail box, approximately 00/00/93

To whom it may concern:

Enclosed please find a sealed envelope sent by your office that I found in mail box, return address yours as set out above, addressed to what looks to me like a corporation or entity because of the total upper case name and/or is also addressed to what looks like a governmentally created regional area as designated by a code number (Zip Code?) and/or a governmentally created State abbreviation.

I don't know if it was the intention of your office to contact myself or not. My correct address is set out above. As you can see the address and name used by your office on this envelope is quite different than my address.

It seems that you intended your correspondence to be delivered to someone or something else, as far as I know, there is no corporation or entity at the regional address set out on your envelope.

I am not a resident of a statutory regional area of Congress identified by a code number (Zip Code?), or abbreviated state designations, therefore I do not accept mail addressed to me with such identifiers, or to such residence because that is not where I domicile. I am not a subject of the United States.

If it was the intention of your office to contact me, my correct address is set out above. This is the only address at which I will accept mail, or for that matter, any legal instruments.

In the meantime, I have enclosed your letter, unopened, so you can deliver it to whomever it was intended for.

If I continue to receive letters like this from your office after you have been notified of this, I may have to contact the Postmaster General and report your actions and/or bring suit for damages to my person if necessary. I will not continue to suffer this damage and will not be responsible for returning further mailings from your office like this since it costs time and postage to do so.

As a suggestion, you may want to refer yourself to Title 18 U.S.C. Sec 1001 and ORS Chapter 192 and related sections and code books if you are regulated by these codes.

Done with express reservation of all of my Rights in law, equity and all other natures of law, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED;


, Sovereign private Citizen,
First-Class, of California, At Law.

Sealed envelope as mentioned above, and a copy of same front and back, attached to this letter, listed as Exhibit A.

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