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by Sherman H. Skolnick

The monopoly press tells us that Whitewater is just a minor dispute over a 69 thousand dollar real estate development. Oh yeah! Items left out by the newsfakers:

#1. Bill and Hillary Clinton are a "CIA couple", each with a separate agenda. Hillary was Board Chairman of the New World Foundation which reportedly financed, with CIA funding, government provocateurs used to try to discredit the Civil Rights and Peace movements. This Foundation also acted as a conduit, reportedly, for CIA funds to other foundations.

At an early age, Bill Clinton went to Moscow and somehow grabbed, for CIA, the secret transcript of Kruschev lambasting Stalinists.

#2. Bill Clinton, as Arkansas Governor, was part of CIA's gun and dope smuggling through the airport at Mena. Some of his campaigns for Governor were financed by Atlantic Research, a Virginia-based reputed arms supplier and CIA contractor. With the proceeds of the dope and arms smuggling, Bill has a secret interest in a tens of millions of dollars Swiss account, code named Chelsea Jefferson -- Chelsea being his daughter's first name and Jefferson his middle name.

#3. Hundreds of millions of dollars of dope and gun smuggling money went through Bill's money laundry creature, Arkansas Development Finance Authority. They, in turn, had a multi-million dollar relationship with Sanwa Bank of Chicago. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, the bank is reportedly heavily implicated with the Japanese mafia, the Yakusa, likewise headquartered in Osaka. (One and the same: the Japanese Secret Police and the Yakusa.)

In 1984, Sanwa led the "hot money" withdrawal attack on Continental Bank of Chicago, owned in great part by the Vatican. Following the collapse, Sanwa was awarded sections of Continental's business. By the way, most of the multi-millionaire judges on Chicago's Federal Court of Appeals are heavily interlocked with Continental *and* *do* *not* *disqualify* *themselves* *in* *related* *cases*. And now the Judges are tied to Sanwa Bank and the Yakusa-dominated Bank America, one of three major banks (Continental being one) in America formerly owned by the Pope.

#4. Arkansas Development Finance Authority and Sanwa Bank shared a deal with Coral Reinsurance of the Barbados. Coral's main customer was American International Group [AIG], a hundred billion dollar finance and speculation nest -- Board Chairman being Maurice Greenburg, also Board Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve District Bank, the most powerful and conspiratorial in the Federal Reserve System.

In just a few weeks, AIG reportedly ran 450 million dollars through the Barbados front. State and Federal regulators in four or more states and districts have reportedly been investigating AIG's reputed money laundry deals with Coral.

But there has been a vast whitewash. Recently, AIG chief Greenberg was being considered to be appointed Director of Central Intelligence (actually would be a step down from his conflict-of-interest position as AIG chief and Board Chairman of N.Y. Fed!)

To summarize this and previous items: Whitewater reportedly incriminates the following ----

-- Dan Rostenkowski and his Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank; Hillary's brother is also, reportedly, an owner.

-- Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

-- Chicago Board Options Exchange.

-- Chicago Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.

-- American International Group and their chief, Maurice Greenberg.

-- Sanwa Bank and the Yakusa.

-- Continental Bank, now part of Yakusa's Bank America.

-- Many of the judges on Chicago's U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit.

So, is Whitewater just a dispute over a 69 thousand dollar real estate transaction?
Mr. Skolnick is chairman/founder, since 1963, of the public-interest group, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, which has for more than 3 decades touched off some of the most profound bribery and similar scandals in American history.

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