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Majority rule only works if you're also considering individual rights. Because you can't have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper. ~Larry Flynt

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[From Alt.sex.bestiality newsgroup]

- In 1468, one Monsieur Jean Beisse was convicted of copulating with a cow and a goat. Jean, the cow and the goat were all burned at the stake.

- In 1601, 16 year old Caudine de Culam was convicted of intercourse with a dog. Both were hanged and their bodies burned.

- November 1607, a young boy convicted and hanged for copulating with a mare. The mare was killed at the foot of the gallows with a poleaxe.

- In 1649, M. Vijon burned for having sex with a bird.

- In Pilgrim Father's Plymouth Colony a divorce law enacted in 1639 mentions bestiality specifically as a ground for divorce.

- Cotton Mather in his book "The history of New England," written at the end of the seventeenth century, describes how a Weymouth man, who had been a lifelong Sodomist, was first made to watch as 3 sheep, 2 sows, 2 heifers and a cow, all of which had been his sexual partners, were hanged. It seems that in this puritanical world that the animals involved were just as guilty "before God" as the man himself. He was executed in the same manner shortly afterwards.

- Another case from New England in the mid-seventeenth century concerns one Thomas Granger, an imbecile from Duxbury. He had copulated with a mare, a cow, 2 goats, five sheep, 2 calves and a turkey. He ended up on the gallows of course.

- For a first class demonstration of how effective torture can be we turn to a man who admited, under torture, to sodomising a sow, knowing full well that he would hang for it. The evidence was that a piglet had a human appearence, and "a flecked eye exactly like his...because of this he was suspected and admitted his guilt."

"MUFFIN THE MULE" The Sunday Sport, December 15th, 1991

A sex starved wife was granted a divorce because her hubby preferred love with his mule. Huriye Karacak, 42, suspected that husband Husamettin, 55, was being unfaithful because he stayed out night after night. But then she found him having sex with the family's mule at their farm in Sivas, Turkey. Judge Selemi Ayyildiz tried to reconcile the couple but finaly agreed a divorce when Hussamettin refused to sell the animal and said "it's beautiful and does not nag."

The Times, December 13th, 1991

An Animal rights campaigner accused of outraging public decency by committing an obscene act with a dolphin might have done so to persuade the animal to prefer him to other swimmers, a court was told yesterday.

David Wood for the prosecution, told Newcastle upon Tyne crown court, that Alan Cooper, aged 38, might have performed the act on Freddie, a 12ft. bottle-nose dolphin, because there was a great deal of competition to swim with the dolphin.

When Mr. Cooper saw a boatload of people approaching, Including Peter Bloom, curator of a dolphinarium, who he particularly disliked, "it may have been tempting to do something which he knew the dolphin would like," Mr. Wood Said. However, the reason for Mr. Cooper's action was irrelevant and he had outraged the boat passengers by going way beyond decent behaviour.

Mr. Cooper, of Gorton, Manchester, denies outraging public decency by masturbating the dolphin off Amble, Northumberland.

Tony Jennings, for Mr. Cooper, said that Mr. Bloom, who prompted the complaints, was a sworn enemy of his client. He said Mr. Bloom had the audacity to condemn Mr. Cooper for the alleged sexual act, yet he had trained dolphins to jump out of the water and remove a bikini top from a woman swimmer for a film sequence.

The trial continues today.

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